Background of the Study

The Company ABC was established in 2009 by its founder Steve Pacheco and the board of directors. Company ABC is one of the companies here in Bacolod that uses a manual system. In Company ABC for over 10 years of their services, computers are also used in accomplishing transactions like making an acknowledgement receipt, reserving blocks and lots.

Normally the lot reservation is confidential, it gives credit to the customers to have their lots easily without hard work in doing the process of their documents. The Company ABC is a mobilizer between the customers and the government. They are the ones who are in charge of everything about the papers that the government requires. They give assurance to their customers that they will comply with all the requirements and documents so that they can avail the loan from the government. Though computers are already involved, the organization needs a more organized management system to do this task.

The proponents come up with an idea to develop a Lot Reservation Management System with SMS Notification that can make their workload lighter and their task faster through the proposed system.

This will help them manage and secure several data that can be stored privately and print out the information for the benefits of their customers. The customer needs to be updated with the information regarding down payments, reservation through SMS, and with the updates that they need to know.