Chapter 4

Presentation, Analysis, and Presentation of Data

This chapter presents results of the User’s Survey conducted for the system.


The researchers demonstrated the system’s functionality to the randomly selected respondents, the researcher observed how the respondents responded and operated the system. Moreover, User’s through the Acceptance Survey, the selected participant-respondents were made to evaluate the system on fives categories: effectiveness, eefficiency, timeliness, quality, and productivity.

Data Analysis

After the administration of the user’s acceptance survey , responses were tallied with reference to the level of experienced satisfaction, utilizing the scale from 1 to 5. The said scale corresponded to verbal interpretations shown below. Further, this tally was finally used to obtain mean.


5— Verbal Interpretation

4— Very High

3— Moderate

2— Low

1— Very Low

Characteristics of the Respondents

The participant-respondents of the system evaluation were the admin, cashier and the customer.

There were one (1) administrator, one (1) cashier, and twenty eight (28) customers during evaluation.

Table 4.0 Frequency of Respondents

Respondents Frequency








Table 4 shows the frequency or number of the participant-respondents for the system evaluation.

Interpretation of Data

The instrument helped evaluate the user’s satisfaction of the users in terms (5) categories system in terms of it: effectiveness, efficiency, auality, timeless and productivity.

The instrument is divided into these categories the first category is composed of four (4) items, second category has number of items under each of three (3) items, third category has of four(4) items, and then the fourth and fifth category have  of four(4) items each.

Table 5.0 Rating Scale

­­­­ Range of Mean                                                Verbal Interpretation

4.21-5.00                                                              Very Satisfied

3.41-4.20                                                               Satisfied

2.61-3.40                                                                Neutral

1.81-2.60                                                                Dissatisfied

1.00-1.80                                                                Very Dissatisfied

This table shows the range of mean and its corresponding verbal interpretation.

Table 6.0 Survey Result of Effectiveness


Question 1        Question 2          Question 3          Question 4        TOTAL

Mean        3.7                  4                    3.7                 3.9                     3.825

Table 6.0 reveal that effectiveness of the system, obtaining mean of 3.825, is very high.

Table 6.1 Survey Result for Efficiency


Question 1        Question 2          Question 3             TOTAL

Mean                      4.133                 4.033                              4.5                     4.222

Table 6.2 Survey Result Quality


Question 1        Question 2          Question 3          Question 4        TOTAL

Mean      4                   4.2                       4.266                      4.166          4.158

This table shows the survey result for the systems quality recorded a total mean of 4.158which is interpreted that the users were satisfied with the systems quality after using it.

Table 6.3 Survey Result Timeliness


Question 1        Question 2          Question 3          Question 4        TOTAL

Mean     4.166          4.333                4.333                3.366                       4.291

This table shows the survey result for the systems timeliness accounted a total mean of 4.291 which is interpreted that the user were very satisfied with the efficiency of the system aster testing it.

Table 6.4 Survey Result Productivity


Question 1        Question 2          Question 3          Question 4                TOTAL

Mean   4.5                 4.6                   4.633                       4.533              4.566

This table shows the survey result for the systems productivity as a whole has an average of 4.566 which is interpreted that the user were very high satisfied with the systems productivity after testing it.