Characteristics of the Respondents

The population where being studied is composed of teachers and students of Bachelor of Science in Information Systems department. The researchers got thirty 30 respondents from the said department.

Table 4.0: Frequency of Respondents

Respondents Frequency
Teachers 3
Students 27
Total 30

This table shows the frequency of respondents who have answered the User-Acceptability Survey. The researchers got a total of 30 respondents.

Reliability Testing

          The data gathered by the proponents have undergone reliability testing. An acceptable Cronbach’s Alpha of 0.700 is needed in order for the data gathered to be reliable.

Table 5.0: Reliability Test Result

  Cronbach’s Alpha
Acceptable 0.700
Data Gathered 0.986


This table shows the result of reliability testing undergone by the data gathered from the User-Acceptance Survey. A Cronbach’s Alpha of 0.986 shows that the data gathered is reliable.