Advantages of the New system

  • The work can be easy to use when a new system has.
  • Customers can search the online book they want and book it very faster and may reduce time, cost and energy.
  • Less staff needed for working, then use the system online because all the work can do with the system only.
  • We can provide benefits to our company such as reducing office rental bills, reducing staff, and reducing the budget to buy paper for documentation.
  • Less personal touch and harder to sell for the company.
  • The customer doesn’t need to leave home and they can book ticket find it easier in the system online.
  • Its make costumer make they wok easy with the new system.


Disadvantages of the New system

  • The server library online must up to date for the new arrival book and it makes system always in maintenance.
  • Any staff must have interred access and computer skills to use and programming library system server.
  • When the system has been a problem like so many users, maybe the system must stop or system runs slowly.
  • The customer doesn’t know how to use this system to search and booking book.



Our project is only a humble venture to satisfy the needs of a library. Several user-friendly coding has also adopted. This new system shall prove to be a powerful package in satisfying all the requirements of the organization.

The objective of software planning is to provide a framework that enables the manager to make reasonable estimates made within a limited time frame at the beginning of the software project and should be updated regularly as the project progresses. Last but not least it is no the work that played the ways to success but almighty.