Implementation and Maintenance

Performance Testing

Performance testing could be utilized to grasp your application or WWW website’s scalability or to benchmark the efficiency in an environment of third-party product resembling servers and middleware for potential purchase. This form of testing is especially helpful to determine efficiency bottlenecks in excessive use purposes. Performance testing typically includes an automatic test suite as this enables simulation of a variety of normal, peak and exceptional load conditions.


System Implementation

Composed of:

  • User Training
  • Conversion, methods, procedures, and controls
  • System acceptance
  • System evaluation and performance
  • System quality control and assurance

Training the user- The activity of training the user is a necessary part of the implementation of a new.

Conversion methods, procedures, and controls-Once a system is ready and tested, it has implemented. To implement a brand new system that requires altering from one system to a different, conversion is required. Conversion is the altering of the 1 system to a different. It’s the final step earlier than the brand new system begins getting used and approving the advantages.


System acceptance

Acceptance testing of a system is carried out to persuade the consumer that the system meets the requirements. Acceptance testing is in the presence of the user representatives, audit representatives, and so forth. It isn’t simply inside the system developmental group.



The maintenance phase of the system is the phase after implementation and before the system is “terminated” or “related”

The maintenance phase of the system is the phase where the system is being run “live” and is actually being used by the users. In this phase, activities are

  • Users “use” the system- they enter data, generate reports, run queries, etc.
  • Supports provided for running the system by designated operations staff for activities like
  • Scheduling and running batch jobs
  • The following require backup procedures
  • Performing recovery/restart when required
  • A maintenance team attached to the system handles activities like
  • Fixing bugs detected


The maintenance plan

In order to have a smooth maintenance of a system, maintenance has to be a planned activity.

A maintenance plan should contain the following

  • Maintenance process
  • Scope a maintenance work
  • The sequence of steps to follow for maintenance activities and the data required-including reporting, configuration management, change management, etc.
  • Resource allocation- hardware. Software platforms, tools
  • Performance track to judge the effectiveness of the maintenance process.