Introduction for System Development

“Library Search Engine” provides your personal account through which you can search books absolutely free and save your time to search book manually in the library.



Problem Statement

Why we develop this system because have we see, traditional use like manual has many disadvantages and not efficient. The problem of the current manual is:

  • Slow retrieval of information.
  •  Repetition of the same information.
  •  Inaccurate or inconsistent information.
  •  Concurrent access cannot be performed.
  •  Security and integrity problem.
  •  Backup and recovery problem.
  •  Large human resources are required.
  •  Reduce the paperwork and storage area.
  •  Improve the output of operators.
  •  Improve accuracy in the result.
  • Time-consuming.


Fishbone / Ishikawa Diagram


Project Objective

The objectives for Library Management System are:

  • Easy procedure to use for any customer.
  • Make it easy for people to check the ticket status or make changes to their book booking.
  • The user invokes “booking book” feature from the LMS user interface.
  • Provide flexible access modes to users from internet or telephone directly.
  • Do the transactions for related easy to making book reservations, which includes blocking, reserving, and canceling or rescheduling purpose book.



The scope library management system to focus on the online only, because with the new system can make easy to customer used, get the discount when their make purpose and make a customer interesting with this system.

Actually, this new library system is best and easy to use at any level because customers can borrow book earlier so that they can save their time and know if the book they looking for existing or not.

With this new system, we hope many customers like to use it.