Requirement Specifications

Operational Feasibility

Mainly, the goals of the system are to develop the following functionalities:

This system is a local area network that can be accessed by the authorized person only.

  1. This system provides a Google map for better and easier way of locating the lot location.
  2. This system provides an organized system which gives the project officer and collection officer to generate available Lots.
  3. This system has verification SMS notification for the customers if their number is available and to notify them with their payments.
  4. The lot reservation feature of the system will provide support in reserving block and lots.
  5. This system ensures the security and confidentiality of the customer’s records and the company’s report.
  6. This system provides a searching button, Add, Edit, Update, and delete reservations.
  7. This system provides ledger for the customers and monthly amortization.
  8. This system provides printing services of the reports and receipt for the customers.
  9. This system also saves confidential records of the customers in a database.

Program Environment

Front End

The front end is the interface between the user and the system. It is an input data where you can see the user. The proponents will use java as the main scripting language, while JDK 1.8.0, and Jasper Report and IReports for providing the user interface of the system as for design the proponents will use Photoshop.

Back End

In this study, the researchers will use XAMPP as the server scripting language which serves as connectivity of MYSQL Database including the sub- reports.

Technical Feasibility

Hardware (Minimum Requirement)

Company ABC Lot Reservation Management System with SMS Notification shall have a local server, which will be implemented in the company of Company ABC.


  • Intel Core i3 processor
  • Memory
  • RAM 4GD
  • Hard Disk 1TB
  • Video Card 2GD
  • Gigabyte
  • Motherboard

The system will require HSUPA USB Stick to send the SMS Notification. It will also require customers to have mobile phones.


The system requires the clients or the users to have a desktop computer, high- speed uplink packet access (HSUPA) to send SMS Notification, an internet to access Google Map.

The system also requires the customers to have a mobile phone to be verified and receive SMS Notification.

Software (Minimum Requirements)


  • MySQL

Desktop/ Laptop

  • Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • OS X