Review of Related Literature

This chapter discusses the existing study in the context of preceding related research. These research study cited articles and systems, which are pragmatic are based on research and design of the developer to meet the user’s needs.


Ayala Land Incorporated System

Ayala Land Inc. has an existing website for inquiry and reservation. For property inquiry, customers can inquire about different properties that include condominiums house and lot, a lot, townhome and leisure club share. The system as well allows the customer to select the range of price and location. Another way of inquiring properties is through the properties page. For reservation online, the customer can check the availability of the property by talking to a seller or property specialist (Ayala Land Inc 2011).

The Ayala Land Incorporated System has a big difference in the research that being conducted by the researchers. It has an online reservation and an existing website that caters a lot of reservation and inquiry system.

Camella Homes House Inquiry System

The Camella homes uses a system that will cater the needs of their clients the system of Camella homes had the features of house inquiry the clients will fill out the inquiry form and select the date when he/she will purchase the said house their system will generate validation code for the user to input to complete its inquiry for security purposes their system is also capable of illustrating the possible payments of their clients, whether what option the client would choose either option. Option 1: No down, no interest (2 years to pay), option 2: Bank financing, and option 3: in-house financing the respective options have their respective computation and monthly amortization (Camella homes, 2011).

The system that the researchers have imposed have some similarities to the reservation of Camella Homes House Inquiry System, the researchers will also generate validation code and computation for monthly amortization.


Parking System with centralized Reservation, Payment and Enforcement

A parking system for enabling centralized parking reservation, payment and enforcement, comprises a central computer communicating with user terminals and service terminals over a data network. The parking system maintains maps for all parking facilities administered by the respective owner and maintains information regarding the user of the respective vehicle; this information is particularly useful in security sensitive areas. A subscriber may access the system using a wireless or wireline web-enabled terminal, or with the help of an agent, to identify a convenient, un-reserved parking space, reserve that space (advance reservation is available) and pay a fee corresponding to the time-space was used. For subscriber’s convenience, payment is cashless, and is tailored to the subscriber’s needs; overtime parking protection is also available. The service terminals enable automation of most parking operations. Efficient supervision and enforcement operations of a parking facility are ensured through the use of fixed or portable license plate readers (LPR). The parking supervisor/enforcer is provided with the ability to upload into the system the current parking occupancy, download maps with the expected occupancy, and issue parking tickets to offenders (At & T Intellectual Property I, L.P. Aug 24, 2010).

The proposed system has also the same feature where it can reserve and maintains information regarding the customer. This will help them to be aware with centralized reservation and payment.

Smart Parking Reservation System using Short Message Services (SMS)

This paper proposes a smart parking system to solve the problem of unnecessary time consumption in finding a parking spot in commercial car park areas. A parking reservation system is developed in such a way that users book their parking spots through short message services (SMS). The SMS sent will be processed by a wireless communication instrumentation device called micro-RTU (Remote Terminal Unit). This micro-RTU will reply the confirmation of booking by giving the details of reservation like password and lot number. The password will be used to enter the parking area and valid for a certain period of time. The system is fully automated with the use of the Peripheral Interface Controller (PIC). This microcontroller is capable of storing information of empty parking spaces; provide passwords as well as allowing or denying access to the parking area. A prototype of a car park system has been designed to demonstrate the capability of the proposed work. The demonstration has proven the capability of the system to reserve the parking, gain entry to the parking area and hence eliminates the hassle of searching empty parking lots (Electr. & Electron. Eng. Dept. June 2010).

The proposed system has the same feature wherein the customers can receive notification from the officer of the company and it also provides verification through Short Message Services (SMS).

System Comparison Table Negros Urban Rural Housing Incorporated Lot Reservation Management System with SMS Notification

System Comparison Table Company ABC Lot Reservation Management System with SMS Notification

This table shows the features of our system in the first column compared to the related systems in the succeeding columns.