Scope of Future Application

There is a lot of schools are there, who are still using Employee’s manual operation and transaction so this project my proved to be more beneficial, effective, efficient and fast for these schools.

This project may help them to maintain and update the Employee’s record.

As of today, the number of private or government schools is increasing rapidly and their need to make them computerized leaves a lot of scope for this project.

This project may help them to perform their operations more quickly and efficiently.

This may prove cost-effective for them. The increase in the number of employees will continue and grow more and more in the future with the increase in population and salaries computations.

So, this kind of software will provide an automated and user-friendly solution to the employee’s record performed in such institutes. This will not only enhance the speed of working but also enhance the overall efficiency of the institute.


Future plans for this Project

  • Make it client and server
  • Upgrade this program for more option and features
  • Equip it reliable and efficient for filing, adding and updating Employee’s record