Significance of the study

This study is intended for a various set of people who could benefit in the system. The result of this study will be beneficial to the following:

COMPANY ABC. This system is to provide efficient and effective transaction through an organized system; authority of monitoring and security of records. This system will be beneficial to the management in lessening of cost in terms of resources and time.

PROJECT OFFICER & COLLECTION OFFICER. This study aims to minimize their workload and it can help to monitor easily the company’s outgoing and incoming customers. This system will also save payment transaction in a database.

CUSTOMER. This system may help the customers by verifying and notifying them through SMS notification to pay for their balances and check the updates of their reservations.

PROPONENTS. This system will enable them to apply what they have studied and researched.

FUTURE RESEARCHER. This may provide a basis to the future researchers who may experience a related system.