Significance of the study

Everything that the proponents created has its significance and importance. The proponents created an online system entitled ABC Bachelor of Science in Information Systems-Online Learning Management System that allows the teachers and the students interact with each other by the use of this system.

There are various people who could benefit from the system like the proponents, the faculty members and institution being studied, the user and the future researchers. For the proponents, this study has increased their learning experiences from devising and smearing ideas by making this documentation to appoint the system. Every proponent studied the system and at the same time, each of them added the ideas that made use of each assigned role effectively. The proponents applied the learnings that they have attained in the past and also learned more while doing the said system.

By doing this study, the proponents increased their learning experiences from devising and smearing ideas to develop the system. The proponents gathered together to make effective and efficient ideas for the effectiveness of the said system. The proponents based on how the present teaching techniques are used in the institutions as the basis of the said system.

The Institution, This study will improve the teaching techniques of the Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Department. This is beneficial for the institution because it can lessen the work and effort of distributing learning materials for the said department.

Using this system, Students can access, and get learning materials. The student users can interact with the other users.

The Teachers, This system can help the teachers to disseminate information and learning materials to their students. The teacher can interact with other users as well.

Future Researchers. This study will serve as a reference for the future projects in relation to the learning management system.