Summary of Findings, Conclusion and Recommendation

This chapter introduces the presentation of the summary of the study, the conclusion and recommendations formulated upon the result of the implementation of the Company ABC for Lot Reservation with SMS Notification.

Summary of Findings

This study was conducted for the purpose of making an easier, faster and more efficient Company ABC Lot Reservation management system with SMS Notification. After analyzing the data gathered and after the proponents have interviewed the organization, they found out that several problems arise during Lot Reservation process of the cooperative. Slow processing of reservation and difficulty in file management as well as having a hard time in computing member’s monthly amortization as the main problem of the said cooperative.


Based on the information gathered, it is safe to recommend to the officer that the system is efficient and much dependable to use in the payment transaction. The system was able to perform the necessary features that are stated in the related system and in the scope and objectives.


The result of the study made by the researchers concludes that Company ABC has the need of having Lot Reservation Management System with SMS Notification in order to overcome the mentioned problems of the organization such as difficulty in file management, hard time in computing monthly amortization and generating financial statement or reports regularly in order to lessen the burden of the organization.