Summary of Findings, Conclusion and Recommendation

This chapter presents the summary of the research work undertaken, the conclusions drawn and the recommendations made as outgrowth of this study.

Summary of Findings

This study was conducted for the purpose of creating a manageable, user-friendly site, entitled i-Tech Computer Education Content Management System. The descriptive method of research was utilized and the survey technique was used for gathering data. The questionnaire served as the instrument for collecting data. The results imply that the proposed website is helpful in terms of giving information and information dissemination to the students of i- Tech Computer Education. The proponents conducted a survey from the i- Tech Computer Education Executive Directors Office and to all the Students enrolled in that institution. The survey was conducted during the school year 2016-2017.


          From the findings of this study, the researchers would like to recommend for future proponents to enhance the features of the system. It is also recommended to allow the admin area to change the font style of the site. It is also recommended to create a page within the website wherein it allows the students to have a group chatting within there specific organization. And lastly, the proponents would like to recommend creating a special feature wherein it allows the upcoming students to have an online reservation for enrollment and entrance exam.


          The i- Tech Computer Education Content Management System is very helpful to the institution in terms of promoting the school activities to their students using web system. It is also essential to the i- tech school administrator to post pictures and announcements of the current and future events of the school. It is also essential to the students for keeping them aware to the school’s activities and announcements. Therefore, the i- tech administrator should support in developing the online website.