Summary of Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations

This chapter presents the summary or the research work undertaken, the conclusions drawn and the recommendations made as an outgrowth of this study.

Summary of findings                                                                

This study was conducted for the purpose of creating an easier, faster and more accessible platform for acquiring of learning materials to the user. After analysing the gathered data and series of a survey we come up with the following problem in disseminating the accurate information.

ABC Bachelor of Science in Information System Online Learning Management System is done to lessen time and effort in the distribution of learning materials and for the students to access the information even outside the classroom. This system integrates the use of technology to the usual method of instruction to help the quality of learning.


To sum up, the proponents found that the system is functional and accessible. This system is for the teachers and the students to have a communication even outside the classroom.

It gives the user the ability to acquire reliable learning resources accessible on the internet that will help the student and the teachers to disseminate their learning materials. It can enhance student learning by providing information from the teachers.


Based on the information gathered, the proponents presumed that the system is accessible to users. It is found effective and consistent in disseminating information to the users. The system was able to perform the necessary features which have been stated in the scope and objectives.

For the future researchers, the proponents recommend to enhance the features of the system and try to incorporate the use of SMS for notification. Also, the institution may widen the coverage of the system not only for the BSIS faculty and students but also to the other programs that are being offered by the institution.