System Analysis


The goal of systems analysis is to determine where the problem is in an attempt to fix the system. This step involves breaking down the system in different pieces and drawing diagrams to analyze the situation.

Analyses project goals, break down functions that need to be created, and attempt to engage users so that definite requirements can be defined. Requirement Gathering sometimes requires individual/team from the client as well as service provider side to get a detailed and accurate requirement.


System Requirement Checklist

This management system can be used in Windows 98, Windows2000, Windows XP and Windows NT, support for other platforms such as Applet, Macintosh, and UNIX.

The system must be running Windows 98, Windows 98 or Windows NT4.0 operating system and must meet the following hardware requirements.

  • For Windows 95 based computers, a 486 / 66 MHz or higher processor with 8MB.
  • For Windows 98 based computers, a 500/88MHz or higher processor with 32 Mb of RAM.
  • For Windows NT based computers, a 488 / 66 MHz or higher processor with 16 MB of RAM.
  • For Windows 200 based computers, a 700/850 MHz or higher processor with 512 MB of Ram.



  • Produces form of book booking in online.
  • The system shall now display if the book if exist or not and show where the position of the book in a library.
  • The system shall require a user to register, in order to carry out any transactions with it except for checking the availability of the book.
  • Ask the user to enter the following for staff information.


  • Detail list about the booking book, date, and a number of booking.
  • Insert the user information such as id, a password, first name, last name, address, phone number, email address, sex, age, preferred credit card number.
  • Logging in a user origin city and destination city.


  • Do the calculation the total for how many user booking.
  • Calculation for the number of the book.
  • Calculation the total of the book already to inform the customer.


  • How much the data can keep in the system library.
  • The program can handle multiple users if more than one person attempts to the same date to the files stored in the database
  • The response time of the Library Management System should be less than 5 seconds most of the time.
  • Library Management System shall be able to handle at least 500 transactions/inquiries per second.
  • At any instant, a maximum of four nodes or users will be given access simultaneously.


  • Do the password for the account booking and password to control.
  • If the user has been a guest, he will have to first register and become a registered user and then log onto the system.
  • If the user is already a registered user, and if he has logged on already, he can block or buy the ticket, but if he has been acting as a guest, he will have to log on.