System Study

In the system study, we study the existing system and the new proposed system. In the system study, we study that what are the drawbacks, and limitations exist. What are the needs of the existing system? And also study what is the new proposed system, and how the new proposed system removes the limitations and drawbacks of the existing system. In this Section, we study the advantages of the new proposed system. 

Existing system 

This Organization is maintaining most of their day-to-day transactions data in the registers (i.e. manually). The employees of the organization are doing the whole work manually. All the work is done manually (i.e. maintained in registers) so different employees are appointed for the maintenance of registers containing all the information related to the organization.

It is very time consuming and is also not error-free in some situations. In existing manual system databases calculations are difficult to perform so report generation as very much difficult.

Drawbacks of Existing System

Generally, whenever we implement a new system it is developed to eliminate the shortcomings of an existing system. The computerized system has more edge over the manual system. It is because of accuracy, high speed, quick result, diligence etc. The existing system is totally based on the manual system. The existing system has many drawbacks in comparison with the computerized system.

  1. Time Consuming: High time consumption is the main weakness of the existing system. A lot of time is wasted in searching records from different files, which resulted in the loss of time, and moreover, workload also increases. Also, a lot of time is wasted in duplicating the same entries in different registers. The overall checking of the records and modifications if necessary has to be made at several places which is time-consuming and error-prone.
  2. Service and Working Conditions: With the unusual delay due to various reasons (such as non-availability of record or absence of an employee etc) the customer suffers a lot. Without any firm reason, he has to wait which disfigures the working conditions.
  3. Difficulties in Retrieving Information: Sometimes, to get any of any type of instant information more than one document needs to be searched. This requires the opening of both files and then combining the information to get the required information. Further, the files may not be indexed according to the need, which causes difficulty in retrieving information.
  4. Difficult for the Top Management to analyze data: Top management faces lots of problems to know about the details of the Current Transactions, Current Bookings, Current Cancellation, and Employee as all is maintained at the lower level. Except for the media and their reliable resources they have nobody to ask about the current outputs and the overall results to be generated along with the reports at the end of the year.
  5. Not Easy to understandable by new user: To understand the manual system the user has to get more practice and have a grape all fields that help by other employee and have to be in contact with that person. If the person was in leaving the user can get the information from him.
  6. Need more space to store: Here by using the paperwork system the user needs to maintain all the documents in a proper way to avoid the difficulty in action and need more space to store these documents because they can’t destroy the old documents
  7. Very Expensive: The existing manual system is a very expensive method as a lot of paperwork has to be done and a lot of wastage of manpower, which increases the expenses of the existing system.
  8. Data sharing: The different user in the different department cannot share data simultaneously.
  9. The security feature is not prominent in the existing system.

Need For a New System

To enhance the working of the fine Tech organization, which was completely handled manually, the improvement was thought on the basis of computerizing the major activities. The following factors were foreseen for the improvisation:

  1. Identify the Opportunity to Improve Business Functions: It has been identified that the computerization process is a necessity and what business benefits can be derived by implementing this improvement. It will lead to better transaction handling in terms of speed, reliability, and accuracy.
  2. Improves Services and Working Conditions: To improve the working conditions of the existing system in every part of the Tour & Travel Org. Customer services are needed to improve to a greater extent.
  3. User-friendly: To make the system user-friendly this system using window as its runtime environment and is developed using Visual Studio 2008, which is a very user-friendly rapid application developed tool. Because the existing system register work was very difficult to handle by each user and was a boring job.
  4. Data Security: The proposed will also prevent unauthorized access to the system. At the very beginning, the username and password are to be entered by the user and if it is correct only when the permission to use the software is given to the user. There are different users according to different roles and one user can’t use the resources given to another user.
  5. Data Redundancy: – The data is stored only once which can be accessed by anyone at any time and at any place. So it can be minimized but cannot be removed completely
  6. Easy to Access: – In this database project, data can be easily accessed through computer networking.
  7. Cost Reduction: – It requires less amount of Cost as compared to the existing system
  8. Time & Efforts Reduction: – It requires fewer amounts of time and efforts.
  9. Security mechanism: – Database can be secured by applying password, encryption and decryption techniques.
  10. Concurrency Control: – This Database provides mechanisms to provide concurrent access and ensure the correctness of the data.