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Sales & Inventory System Barcode


Sales & Inventory System Barcode Introduction Today’s generation, most of the businesses use a computer to manage the control and monitoring aspects of their business, since doing it in a manual way, the data processing could no longer meet the business demands in increasing the quality of any volume of transactions. Upgrading and seeking for continuous improvement using technology, the system becomes useful and its powerful application could make business transactions a lot efficient and easy. The use of technology performances increases efficiency, speed, accuracy, better planning, executing and controlling. It may cause reduction of labour cost, maximum productivity [...]

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Online Transaction System SMS Notification


Online Transaction System SMS Notification Introduction Nowadays, the expansion of internet is undoubtedly widespread and has developed a new-socio-economic environment. With the help of internet, online transaction has been developed which allows businesses to automate manual operations and process information much faster. The adoption of internet transactions is expected to enhance the business performance to reduce transaction cost and to improve coordination of economic activity among partners in business (Olatukun and Bankole, 2011) .The real effect of online transactions on the economy is that it reduces costs and prices and makes doing business more efficient. BSJ Orthopro Aid and Services [...]

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Computer Education CMS


Computer Education CMS Introduction With the worldwide expansion of the internet and the World Wide Web, we have witnessed a booming rise in popularity of web application. Although some literature defines a web application. A particular segment of technologies for web applications. Content Management System (CMS), has recently gained particular relevance as it facilitates the distribution of wide varieties. Content Management System, often called CMS is a piece of software that manages website development. It can be used to schedule, post and manage a website. ITECH Computer Education uses a local area network and fliers to promote their school to [...]

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Marketing Inventory System


Marketing Inventory System Introduction People now a day are exposed to technology and are much skillful using it than previous generations. Technology is useful and helpful in the business world. The extensive record will not be a problem to a post-industrialized society. Specifically, the unreliable and slow processing, in recording and keeping of the transactions with the suppliers, in the distributed commodities and production of goods and services had been simple. According to Jay Conrad Levinson, “Marketing is not an event, but a process. It has a beginning, middle, but never an end, for it is a process. You improve [...]

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Electronic Magazine


Electronic Magazine Abstract The ABC e-Magazine is a website for the ABC publication that can publish their articles, news, events and activities online. The ABC is a public educational institution that aims to provide higher technological, professional and vocational instruction and training in science, agriculture and industrial fields and has its own publication organization called ABC. It was founded at Negros Occidental School of Art and Trades (NOSAT) before the ABC was born (Student Handbook 2012). An online magazine is a magazine published on the Internet, through bulletin board systems and other forms of public computer networks. An online magazine [...]

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Airline Reservation Information System


Airline Reservation Information System Introduction In science and technology, the need for enhancement is a continuing topic which triggers developments. That is seen in each ramification and the airline trade shouldn’t be an exemption. Airline reservation techniques have been first launched within the late 1950’s as comparatively easy standalone techniques to manage flight stock, preserve flight schedules, seat assignments and plane loading. At this time fashionable airline reservation techniques are complete suites of merchandise to offer techniques that help with a wide range of airline administration duties and repair customer needs from the time of preliminary reservation via completion [...]

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Online Library Management System


Online Library Management System Introduction for System Development “Library Search Engine” provides your personal account through which you can search books absolutely free and save your time to search book manually in the library. Problem Statement Why we develop this system because have we see, traditional use like manual has many disadvantages and not efficient. The problem of the current manual is: Slow retrieval of information.  Repetition of the same information.  Inaccurate or inconsistent information.  Concurrent access cannot be performed.  Security and integrity problem.  Backup and recovery problem.  Large human resources are required.  Reduce the paperwork and storage area.  Improve [...]

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Automated Payroll System


Automated Payroll System Statement of the Problem For some problem encounter in manual organizing the Payroll System of this Campus, it gives a redundant record and imperfection data. This study aimed to improve the manual payroll System of Trece Martires City National High School. Specifically, the study sought to answer the following questions: How will the manual payroll operation be improved? What would be the output benefits of the system development compared to a manual system? Who will be the beneficiaries of this automated payroll system? Importance of the Study The System conducted at Trece Martires City National High School [...]

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Automated Class Scheduling System


Automated Class Scheduling System Introduction One of the remarkable and much-known products of technology advancement is the conversion of the manually-operated system into an automated system. Automation produces a terrific influence in the lives of man, significantly within the field of industry, business, medicine, and education. Bohol Island State University-Main Campus as an educational institution offers services to the clientele more particularly the students, community, and stakeholders. The primary operations of the school are non-stop starting from pre-enrolment up to the post-graduation activities. These activities require money, labor force and time. It’s an incontrovertible fact that arranging class schedules, teacher’s [...]

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Library Management System


Library Management System Objective The target of this project is to develop a utility that may automate the entire process of a library. The software program that may be developed ought to have services like Add / Delete Members, Add / Delete Books, Difficulty & Return. The application should be secured, in addition to with restricted entry. The main requirement of the project would be the ease of use, moreover being probably the most environmentally friendly and efficient device for the aim. The application should be user-friendly. It ought to be sturdy and scalable. An automatic solution can be [...]

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