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Health Center Management System


Health Center Management System Introduction In the current time people can’t imagine their life without technology. The technology sector has changed and developed many products. A computer is an example of technology that helps people in many ways. People use computers to finish office works, for business and also for entertainment. Computers helps us makes manual process easier and efficient. Most of us already engage ourselves in the developing state of our environment. As we go on to our study, we ask several people on how modern technology affects their daily activities, one of those are the health centers [...]

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Online Events System


Online Events System Introduction Every events happened in our lives was such a memorable one. In which it remains in every hearts of ours. However, planning an event is not easy to take, it needs a substantial amount of time to think in order that it will be more organized and well prepared, even if there is no perfect event. Despite on how much money involve, time and effort have done, still results to happiness of the whole company and memories remains forever. Thus, local businesses like event services are now widely known in the society. Most event planner [...]

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Online Grading System


Online Grading System Introduction Technology was the one that control the business industries today; it could make human works easy and efficient. The different system was made for different purpose. Having a system to an organization was one way to have an innovation it is the start of having an efficient work for every employees and client. We as student conducted study on our school on how can we help the student and the instructor to have an efficient output in having a grade of a student online and generating reports of the students and instructor, and help the [...]

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Student Academic Evaluation and Advising System


Student Academic Evaluation and Advising System Introduction In this generation, everything evolve from manual to computerized system. To provide an efficient products, services, computation, analysis, etc., That may help students in their everyday routine. The proponents observed that the ABC Company  are evaluating the students manually. Evaluation is the process of interpreting a measurement or aggregate of measurements, by means of a specific subjective value or set of values to determine the degree to which the measurement represents a desirable condition. It consumes a lot of time and papers in conducting a student evaluation system. Unavoidable errors could be [...]

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Content Management System for ABC Company TechnoPub


Content Management System for ABC Company TechnoPub Introduction Electronic magazines and newspapers in the World Wide Web have gained great popularity in the past two years. Nearly every major magazine and newspaper has a website, where either some selected or all of the articles can be read. Accessing such resources became a part of everyday life for the average people of this generation. According to Marinacomeaux (2016), online publishing is the issuing of books, magazines, information, and material electronically instead of a paper. The online publishing process is not much different from the traditional paper-based publishing process, except that [...]

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Facility Management System for the PPDM office of ABC COMPANY


Facility Management System for the PPDM office of ABC COMPANY Introduction Over the years, the technology has greatly changed the way people use computer and communicate today. By the turn of the century, information including access to the internet will be the basis for personal, economic and political advancement.Every business is using technology today to speed up their business profit and gives a quality services to meet the customer expectations. Facility management is one of the most used in every businesses nowadays, such as government institution, food institution, Universities institution, etc. The proponents are using computer to minimize time [...]

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ABC Company E-Learning Management System


ABC Company E-Learning Management System Introduction E-Learning solutions are existing everywhere through the help of internet which makes the users to have free access of information in just one click. These are all affordable solutions that is facilitated to be a tool for education. (“Talent LMS,” n.d.) A virtual technology that makes an advancement to the geographical gap, which the users experience that they are being inside of a classroom. E-learning solutions, offers the ability in sharing material to all kinds of formats. Such as videos, slideshows, word documents, and PDFs. Conducting webinars- a live online classes that enables [...]

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Academic Research Archive System Of ABC Company


Academic Research Archive System Of ABC Company Introduction Technology brought a complete to radical change in a way people experienced the world and how they live their lives. It affects the increase of access information and services that has accompanied the advancement of the internet in our society. ( Ramey, 2012) ABC Company research project is stored in the library using the manual process which makes researcher’s waste their time in finding the book they want. As days go by one of the disadvantages of increasing numbers of Researchers today is having a manual process of compiling research books [...]

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ICT Office Management System


ICT Office Management System Introduction Technology has changed our lives over the years. It has developed many functional and utility devices and/or resources, such as “management systems” that made our work easier, faster, and better in our everyday lives. Management system is not only about the system itself or more efficiency and discovering new methods and processes; we have to add the component of art which is about to make wise choices for its future. We should not also develop this system because of itself, but because it adds value to society and simplifies human life. And, we have [...]

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ABC Company E-Business System


ABC Company E-Business System Introduction In our generation today, most of us are using technology such as smart phones, tablets, and laptops. The use of technology today is very necessary compare to past generation. Because of this technologies, exchanging of information, communication, and transaction is already effortless and more convenient to us people. The development of E-business systems is growing rapidly because of the business transaction is more convenient through online than going to the stores. E-Business provides the contemporary knowledge of the key issues affecting the modern e-business environment and links theory and practice of management strategies relating [...]

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