Online Events System Capstone Project Document


Every events happened in our lives was such a memorable one. In which it remains in every hearts of ours. However, planning an event is not easy to take, it needs a substantial amount of time to think in order that it will be more organized and well prepared, even if there is no perfect event. Despite on how much money involve, time and effort have done, still results to happiness of the whole company and memories remains forever.

Thus, local businesses like event services are now widely known in the society. Most event planner put up this kind of business in order to help some people to make their specific event be organized. So automated world was develop so that errors of encoding manual will be minimize, it helps the business increase their sales, lessen the business cost and online marketing strategy. In addition, websites give a way to the customer to access anytime instead of going into their shop or business site. Many companies are now engaged to online marketing because it is both creative and technical advantageous in world of internet. It helps them to advertise products and to produce more sales. As the main goal of the internet marketing.

In addition, by the help of this system proposed, people or customers can now easily looked for an online transaction for some events that they want to. Because it is internet marketing, the company or the store is being known globally and it is one of the advantages of the said system.

Therefore, the proponents conclude that Online Events System is somewhat a way to help business ease their transaction. In order that the customer will automatically booked or reserved a scheduled event. In this system, clients have also the idea of different type ,styles and needs of their event. This also includes the previous clients or the events catered before it also shows the gallery of events.

Background of the Study

            The proposed system can be used by any business of event services. Because of research study, the proponents have looked for a company that suit for this. Then the proponents choose the store “We Do Weddings and Other Events Services”, which is located at Brgy. Estefania Bacolod City,

Ms. Carmela C. Mendiola the owner of the store was once a dreamer, and loved to organize such events. In line with this, she planned to put up a business. As what technology brings us, social media specifically Facebook was then her way to contact with people and gain customers. She created the business Facebook page last September 2013.

After 3 years, she decided to have a store/shop for meeting up with her customers or client, and also to put up her products and the things needed in every event and for those client who wants  further clarification on the events that being transact.

Apparently, Facebook is not enough for this kind of business, the owner can’t eventually organized the package of the different event. So, clients should go to their store/shop for further discussions and for the detailed information of the specific event.

Statement of the Objective

This Study aims to:

  1. Improve access to information;
  2. Ease the event transaction;
  3. Present printed contract of the event; and
  4. Easily reserved or booked specific event.

Conceptual Framework

The Online Events System focuses on the online reservations of events where admin(s) can easily show, add, edit, delete, monitor and secure all the reservations. Customers must provide personal information in the form to be filled up, for booking an appointment. The proposed system is improved to make the business more productive in a more accessible way and smoothly response to wants of customers in using Online Events System. The Online Events System put up with customers to check their reservations and availability whenever they are online. The system always discern the status of the customers reservations, and can easily be managed the schedule from accessible location and time. The Admin has the authority to open and access the system on the admin page for security purposes.

Conceptual Framework

Conceptual Framework

Scope and Delimitation of the Study


The Online Events System focuses on the events transaction reservations; showing all the events that are going to be covered for the selection of customer’s choice of programs then the system will give a reservation form for the customer to fill out. The Admin will able to view, check and update the reservations that are pending and determined their statuses; Providing a contact details where customers can interact the event planner (admin) for meet up to discuss further about the event and payments. The Admin can also delete or cancel the event if there’s a hanging events on a specific date, and only the admin can log-in on the admin page using User name and Password for the security of all records. It has Payment method through PAYPAL.


The system don’t have package customization function by the user or the client. There is no other payment method except PAYPAL.

Significance of the Study     

Online Events System is a system that you can easily plan about the event that you want such as wedding, birthday, debut, anniversary and baptism. This system can provide information about the events and easily to find any ads or pages.

The following will benefit to the project study:

 Owner. In building this system, the owner of the company will be the first to benefit. It’s because their business will be more access by anyone. In line with this, their transaction will be easier than before. This system has a big help to the owner because they can use easily to their own business they can provide clean and fast services. Not only our customer can save time but also to give and provide good service. The benefit of this system is to give some good ideas about the events not only we can use this easily but also to gain more knowledge to create more information about the system.

Proponent. We, the proponents who build this system can also benefit our own project. First, this system helps us to enhance and practice our skills and mind to create a useful and more creative system. By working as a team, we used to interact with ourselves, We used to manage our time in constructing this system in order to create a good result.

Customer. The purpose of Online Event Transaction System is to give a better and good service to the client. To provide information and ideas about the events to make it successful. Customerscan easily look for an online event service and can automatically booked for the specified transaction.

Future Researcher: Behind those students who will undergo research study soon. It will serve as a reference to them. Specially to those proposed systems which is related to Online Events System.

Definition of Terms

Administrator:  Conceptually, Refers to a person responsible for the performance or management of administrative business operations. (

Operationally, the one that manipulates and holds the data or information of the system for security purpose.

Automated: Conceptually, to run or operate by using machines, computers, etc., instead of people to do the work. (Merriam-Webster 2016)

Operationally, it is used to convert manual transaction into automated one to simply operate a program or a project.

Events: Conceptually, a planned occasion or activity. (Merriam-Webster 2016).

Input: Conceptually, what is put in, taken in, or operated on by any process or system. (Wikipedia).

Operationally, used to fill out the system forms or sign in to enter on a certain page of a system or program.

Output:  the amount of something that is produced by a person or thing. (Merriam-Webster 2016)

Process: it is defined as a series of action or steps taken In order to achieve a particular end. (Wikipedia).

Operationally, an activity of the person involved on a certain program to comply some requirements.

Program: Conceptually, provide (a computer or machine) with coded instruction for the automatic performance of a particular task. (Wikipedia)

Proponent: a person who argues for or supports something.

Operationally, it refers to the researchers who wants to pursue a project.

Reserve.  Conceptually, Commit arrangement so that you will be able to have (something) at a later time. To keep (something) for a special future use. (Merriam-Webster 2016)

System: a group of related parts that move or work together. A regularly interacting or interdependent group of items forming a unified whole. (Merriam-Webster 2016).

Transaction: a business deal, an occurrence in which goods, services, or money is passed from one person, account, etc., to another. The actor process of doing business with another person, company. The act or process of transacting business.

Web-page: Conceptually defined, a hypertext document connected to the World Wide Web. (Dictionary ios9.3.

Review of Related Literature and Systems

This chapter discuss about the related literature and significance of the present study.

Local Related Studies

DA Works Events & Weddings – Bacolod’s Finest

This site showcases my craft in Event Styling and concept Decor for Weddings, Debuts, Parties and other Special Occasions. From the fabulous and creative ceiling treatment in swags and draperies to the customized backdrop fabric design to the mood lighting effect and to the whole boomerang. Multiple premier venues in Bacolod City and a multifaceted design and accent in crystals and others. All to make your dream wedding or you’re most wanted debut is a reality. (

Merry me wedding & events

A Certified Member of Weddings Beautiful Worldwide and partner of The SM Store Gift Registry. Merry Me is a professional event coordination service; based in Manila, Philippines, which specializes in weddings and is owned and managed by partners Shai Juanitas and Yuna Uy. A two-woman team with bags of experience, passion and a lust for all that is unique and beautiful. Merry Me is committed to creating an event that you can be a guest at- where you enjoy every moment, while we take care of all those little details that make a most perfect day. Our partnership is built on respect, trust, passion and an enthusiasm for the events we create. We work hard, laugh often, travel and collaborate with amazing vendors. We invest all our energies to create an event that is memorable and reflects the personalities, style, and uniqueness of each and every individual, couple or company we work with. (

Foreign Related Studies

Online Class Event Planning 101

According to (Online Class Event Planning 101) Event planning is one of the hottest new fields available to people from all walks of life today.  Although some event planners may possess a college degree in business or a related field of study, a college degree is not required to be an event planner, nor it is a certificate or any other formal training although any training and/or education you can receive would certainly be very beneficial and give you an edge over others just starting out. It is also explain the details of how the business works and what an event planner does exactly. (

A List Events International – Cairns

(A List Events International-Cairns) is being co-founded by Pedro Martinho and Jennifer Thompson. Since their team has grown to include an experienced tailor-made team of event coordinators and managers who strive for perfection with each event and look forward to the challenges that each event brings. Services include entire project management of an event as well as providing specialized assistance with budgeting, guest lists, registration services, secretariat services, media liaison, and VIP services. (

Related Study

Table 1.0: Related Study 12

Features DA works events & wedding – Bacolod Finest Merry me weddings & events Online class event planning 101 A list events international – Cairns
Can ease transaction / / / /
Web based / / / /
Provide specific information / / / /
Reserved/book an event / / / /
Shows printed contract / / / /
Can keep all records / / / /


This literature talks about the online transactions of all events DA Works Events & Wedding – Bacolod’s Finest and Merry Me Weddings & Events are two of the local events transaction in the Philippines that provides an online event transaction system to confirm the

client’s reservation or booking instantly, wherein they are able to plan their events. The Online Class Event Planning 101 and A Lists Events International-Cairns have the same goal that they give their full-service to their client’s.

The We Do Weddings Online Events System is the proposal system that will be used by We Do Weddings Online Events for the booking and reservation for keeping all of their records. In this research, it shows that online event transaction system is important in business industry especially for all who’s planning an event, because Online Events System are now easier to use. Compared to manual, the Online Events Transactions System can prevent leisure of time. It is also where the clients are freely to explain what details they want. It will also help comfortable and enjoy the client/s while they were planning.


The chapter explains the tactics and operations being followed in research project. This chapter reviews the research question of the study. The acquisition approach used to carry out the study. It also includes a summary of how to treat data gathered by the researchers.

The Proponents follow the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to render and come out with the solutions for the problems identified in this study, using the Iterative and Incremental Waterfall Model.

The thought behind the iterative and incremental method is to develop a system through repeated cycles which means iterative and in a smaller portion which is incremental, allowing software developers to go back or repeat and fix if it has errors during the execution of each phases, so that the proponents find it easy to explain the project. Basic process are as follows: Planning, Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Implementation and Maintenance Phase.


The proponents distinguish the events transaction as the subject of the study. The researcher will gather information to the said business to discover the problem encountered. The proponents knew that in order to bump into the needs of business, an Online Events System should be developed.

Analysis Phase:

In this phase, the proponents interviewed the event planner of the business (owner) to gather the eventful data to identify the problem of the business in transacting the events. With the gathered data, it used to know the needs and wants of the owner for the events transaction.

Design Phase

Iterative and Incremental Waterfall Model

Iterative and Incremental Waterfall Model

The proponents used various computers and laptop, with the operating system of windows 7, windows 8 and windows 10; Sublime text to manipulate and edit text for HTML; BOOTSTRAP for markup languages; and JAVA script for scripting language, for the design of the said system the proponents use CSS in order to make the system more limpid and easy to access. The proponents used PHP for server side scripting language and MySQL for the structure and design of the database.

Developmental Phase:

In the development phase, the Online Events System was being develop.

The different physical attributes are being designed, together with the documentation of the system  and coding process for the front end and back end are going to be done. In this phase, the proponents doing their designated task to the system enable it to be ready for testing.

Testing Phase:

In this phase, the proponents invited some target customers and possible people to use the system to test the efficiency and being operative of the Online Events System. The proponents grab the opportunity of being online of the system, they use social media to inform customers that if they want to try the newest automation in planning of certain events.

Implementation Phase:

The Online Events System will be implemented online. This system was developed to lead and help the event planner manipulate events and organize the events time and date, also to the desired customer to ease the flow of transaction process. And also to make the system convenient to the customer in order to plan about the events what they want.

Maintenance Phase:

The Online Events System requires maintenance every month in order to support and preserve systems functionality on transacting events for the desired customers. The proponents have four important features to be maintain the first one is the event section if the planners want to change the event name or the event picture, the next one is on the package section the event planner can change the price of each package and the name of the package in each events. The third one is the items in each package if the event planner want to add or edit the package description and remove the items in the package in some events, and the last one is the user section the admin can manipulate who can access the admin section which is the event planner.

Operational Feasibility

The goals of this system study are to develop the following functionalities:

  1. Online Events System can provide orderly system that can help easier transaction to the costumer.
  2. This system is online web-based system that anyone can access through internet like ads and pages
  3. This system allows the costumer to decide what themes or requirements about the event.
  4. This system allows the costumer to submit their profile to determine their identity.
  5. This system can provide an organized system which our costumer can benefit.

Front End

It is a program interfaces and services relative application used to collect a data from the client/customer. It is also application to interface directly with the users and forward a request to remotely located at back-end which another computer can get the requested data. To construct this front end, the proponents used are the PHP as the scripting language which is used to create web pages. While Bootstrap used a smaller initial program to load the desired program. And for the design the proponents will use the CSS codes which it can keep the information of a design.


Back End

It is a server side which is a program serves indirectly to support the front end. And in this study the proponents used APACHE and MySQL, Apache is a very popular open source, Unix-based web server from the Apache foundation.


Functional Requirements

The Online Events System is a system where in the customer can transact through online.

This category refers to the reservation details of a customer/client that she/he can manipulate their reservation information.


  • Fill up the reservation form
  • View the package
  • Select package
  • Send reservation form


  • Manage the reservation form
  • Manage the transaction
  • Manage the packages
  • Log in/ log out
  • Approved reservation

Main functional process

  • Reservation process
  • Make reservation
  • Fill up the reservation form
  • View and select the packages

Technical Feasibility

Hardware Requirements

Table 2.0: Hardware Requirements

Specifications Recommended Requirements
Processor 2.0 GHz or higher
Hard disk 120 Gigabyte or higher
Memory 512 MB
Monitor LCD/LED monitor

Software Requirements

Table 2.1: Software Requirements

Specifications Recommended Requirements
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10
Graphics Editor Adobe Photoshop and CSS
Web browser Any Web browser

Feasibility Schedule

Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart

Figure 3.0: Gantt Chart

System Architecture

System Architecture

System Architecture

Figure 4.0: System Architecture


System Architecture shows that the administrator keeps all the data information in a server which needed by the client every time they access the system. By the use of internet, client will fill up a form to enter the system and their booking/reservation information will be send and stored to the system server and the administration will receive the clients/costumers booking or reservation.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Cost benefit analysis or CBA appraise and sums up the equivalent money value of the benefit and costs of the system whether it is profitable or economically feasible.

Table 3.0: Development Cost

Development Cost Duration Monthly Cost Total Amount
Programmer 6 mos Php. 5,000.00 Php. 30,000.00
System Analyst 6 mos          5, 500.00          33,000.00
Internet Connection (PLDT) 6 mos           1,500.00            9,000.00
Ink 6 mos              150.00             1,800.00
Bond paper 6 mos


             300.00             3,600.00
Php. 77,400.00

Table 3.0 illustrates about the development cost of the proposed system. In which it shows the programmer and system analyst salary and the total expense in developing the system.

Table 3.1: Operational Cost

Operational Cost Duration Monthly Cost Total Amount
Electricity 12 mos Php. 1,000.00 Php. 12,000.00
Internet Connection 12 mos          1,500.00          18,000.00
Maintenance Fee 12 mos


         1,500.00          18,000.00
Php. 48,000.00

Table 3.1: shows the operational cost in the proposed system. The operational cost covers the expenditures cost in implementing the system.

Table 3.2: Total Development Cost and Operational Cost

Development Cost Php. 77,400.00
Operational Cost          48,000.00
Total Php. 129,000.00

Table 3.2 shows the total expenditures of the development operation of the researched system.

Table 3.3: Benefits of the System

Benefits of the System Amount/Value
Efficiency of work

Security of data

                        Php.   97,500.00


Stationaries and Supplies                                     2,500.00

Total                                                                                               Php. 108,000.00

Table 3.3 shows the estimated amount of the benefits of the system. The proponents researched the estimated value of the system’s benefits.

Table 3.4: Cost Benefit Analysis

Cost Benefit Analysis

Cost Benefit Analysis

Table 3.4 shows the cost benefit analysis of the system. Each figure has the corresponding data and value as shown above. The payback period is 2.42 with an ROI of 66%.

Database Model



Figure 5.0: Entity Relationship Diagram

The figure above shows the Entity Relationship Diagram which represents the graphical representation of the entities and the relationship between different fields.

Data Flow Diagram

Data Flow Diagam

Data Flow Diagam

Figure 6.0: Data Flow Diagram

The figure above shows the process of the system. The admin can manage the system; the client will just fill up the form for reservation/booking then it will notify to the admin then the admin will contact the client.

Data Dictionary

Table 4.0: customerinfo

Field Name Field Type Size Description
cust_id int 11 Customer identification
fname varchar 25 First name of the customer
lname varchar 25 Last name of the customer
email varchar 25 Email of the customer
contact varchar 11 Contact details of the  customer
username varchar 25 Username used by the customer
password varchar 25 Password used by the customer

Table 4.0 shows the customerinfo table which includes the the details of the customer.

Table 4.1: Table Events

Field Name Field Type Size Description
event_id int(11) 11 Identification of an event
event_name text Name of an event
event_pic longblob Desired picture of an event

Table 4.1 is the table events which includes the different names of an event together with the desired picture.

Table 4.2: Table gallery

Field Name Field Type Size Description
id int 11 Identification of the picture
Album varchar 30 Name of the album
alt_name text Alternative name
image text Image

Table 4.2 shows the gallery table, this includes the pictures done in every event.

Table 4.3: Table item_description

Field Name Field Type Size Description
des_id int 11 Description identification
item_id int 11 Identification of an item
description text Description of an item
itempicture longblob Picture of an item

Table 4.3 shows the item description table, this includes the content of every items.

Table 4.4: Table items

Field Name Field Type Size Description
item_id int 11 Identification of an item
item_name text Name of an item
package_id int 11 Package identification

Table 4.4 table items includes the different items in every packages.

Table 4.5: Table Package

Field Name Field Type Size Description
package_id int 11 Package


package_name text Name of the


event_id int 11 Event


package_price varchar 20 Price of the package
package_image longblob Image of the package

Table 4.5 package table includes the name of the package as well as the price and the desired pictures.

Table 4.7: Table transaction

Field Name Field Type Size Description
trans_id int 11 Transaction identification
name varchar 25 Name of customer
date varchar 25 Date of event
package_id int 11 Identification package
price decimal 10,0 Price of package
contact_num text Contact number
email varchar 50 Email of customer
status Varchar 25 Status of transaction

Table 4.7 shows the transaction done by the customer and approved by the admin.

Table 4.8: Table Users

Field Name Field Type Size Description
id int 11 User identification
username varchar 25 Username used
password varchar 25 Password used
type int 11 type

Table 4.8 table users include the username and password done during log in session.

Presentation, Analysis and Presentation of Data

This chapter will show the result of the user’s survey conducted for the system Online Events System which will be implemented online.


The Proponents choose the subject to be questioned and demonstrate the system to the expected respondents. The researchers observed how the respondents responds to show their concerns to the system and hey also monitor the interest to the technology and understanding the system, by the use of User-Acceptance survey which provided by the capstone adviser.

Data Analysis

For the Data Analysis, this is where the analysis of data gathered from the expected respondents who performs the reservation of an event.

Characteristics of the respondents

Table 5.0: Frequency of Respondents

Respondents                                                          Frequency

Administrator                                                              1

Customers                                                                   29

Total                                                                           30

The owner of the said business together with the assistants, and the one who planned to put up a certain events like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, debuts, and christenings will be the respondents who took the User-Acceptance survey. The proponents got the total number of 30 respondents.

Reliability Testing

The data collected by the proponents  have undertaken testing an acceptable approach through using the YAMANES formula in order to get the average result of the survey.


The solution explains the sum of the sample size (n) of the respondents that will be taking the user acceptance survey. Where n=30 divided by 1+30 multiplied by 0.0025 as (e) or the level of precision as the proponents get the (e). it is divided to 30 as the total respondents or population size (N). The result was 27.90  for the sample size of population (n).

Interpretation of data

The instrument wanted to access the perception of the users in terms of five(5) categories namely: Effectiveness, Quality, timeliness and Productivity. The first categories was composed of four (4) items, the second category was composed of three (3) items, and the third forth and last category were composed of four items. The rating scale was 1 to 5 with 1 as very dissatisfied, 3 as neutral, 4 as satisfied and 5 as very satisfied

Rating Scale

The above table shows the effectiveness average weighted mean of 4.299 interpreted as Very Satisfied. The subcategories of which the completeness and accuracy of the system, the ability to provide correct and complete document, 4.233 interpreted as Very Satisfied; Report generation, the ability to provide correct and complete document required by the user with minimum idle time; 4.433 interpreted as very satisfied; Search retrieval and dissemination of required information, the ability to access, create and disseminate required information, 4.3 interpreted as Very Satisfied; and generation flexibility, the ability to provide printable reports in a format required by the user, 4.233 interpreted as Satisfied.


The above table shows the effectiveness average weighted mean of 4.62 interpreted as Very Satisfied. The subcategories of which like Ease of use, the ability of the user to easily perform required tasks, 4.9 interpreted as Very Satisfied, Complexity of the task, the learnability to perform tasks, 4.66 interpreted as Very Satisfied, and Task Accuracy, the ability to perform tasks without errors 4.3 interpreted as Very Satisfied.


The above table shows the quality average weighted mean of 4.358 interpreted as Very Satisfied. The subcategories of which like report content, the ability to produce accurate documents to users, 4.433 interpreted as Very Satisfied, Report Flexibility, the ability to produce documents in a format useful to users, 4.2 interpreted as Satisfied; Report turnaround time, the ability to produce reports in time to users, 4.366 interpreted as Very Satisfied; and report consistency; the ability to produce documents that are consistent with other reports, 4.433 interpreted as Very Satisfied.


The above table shows the Timeliness average weighted mean of 4.407 interpreted as Very Satisfied. The subcategories of which like System Accessibility, the system is accessible to users whenever they need it. 4.333 interpreted as Very Satisfied; System adaptability; the system can easily adapt to new demands, 4.566 interpreted as Very Satisfied; Data Security, the system allows access to unauthorized personnel, 4.266 interpreted as Satisfied; and achievement of goals, the system provides the necessary functionality to achieve its purpose inline with the organizational goals, 4.466 interpreted as Very Satisfied.


The above table shows the Productivity average weighted mean of 4.433 interpreted as Very Satisfied. The subcategories of which like user assistance, provides the user with procedural documentation to minimize operational errors, 4.2 interpreted as Satisfied; Throughput, the ability to provide required documents in the shortest possible time; 4.333 interpreted as Very Satisfied; Decision support, the ability to provide required information needed for decision making, 4.453 interpreted as Very Satisfied, and overall, 4.433 interpreted as Very Satisfied.

Summary of Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations

In this chapter, the proponents present the summary and the research work will bear, together with the conclusion and the recommendations gathered from different respondents and the administration.

Summary of findings

            This project was conducted for the purpose of developing easier, faster and accessible design and physical features for acquiring a certain event to the user innovatively. After the series of survey and analyzing the gathered data we found out gathering of accurate information was not easy.

Online Events System was  completely automate the booking of a certain event it reduces the time and effort of the client and also the event planner in the most convenient way. This system embodies the use of technology to the usual approach and manner of instruction to help the expected users.


All in all, the proponents found that the system is accessible, operative and functioning well. This system is for the users who want to put up an event and also for the admin or the event planner to easy monitor the booking of events.

It gives the user or the future client the ability to book an event that can be accessed online that will help the clients and event planner to communicate by booking an event online. It can help the event planner to gain more customers and earnings because it’s reliable and easy to access.



Based on the information gathered, the proponents guess that the system was very accessible to use. It is found efficient and effective in disseminating the information to the client and admin. The necessary features which have been stated on the scope and objectives was able performed by the system.

For the future researchers the proponents recommend to improve the features of the system and also widen the coverage of the system not only for a certain event but also covers the small events just like conference, ball, seminars and other services.


Bulao, Stephanie S.

Camento, Jennica Mae

Doble, Johnef L.

Lasquite, Ronna

Tacuyan, Mary Grace E

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