Highschool Online Enrollment System Capstone Project Document


Computerization is a control system that manages processes in industrial workplace. It reduced human errors and processing time, thus it can boost productivity and resulted into high quality of product produce. In Information System, computerization is concerned about interrelating different but interdependent transactions. This can result in a system with well-integrated processes that can perform much faster and more accurate than a manual system.

Enrollment is the process of entering and verifying data of student to register on particular school. Different interrelated processes build up enrollment procedures called Enrollment System. Enrollment Systems are used particularly in recording and retrieving student’s information. Tracking student’s information is also one feature of Enrollment Systems, in which the school can trace the standing of a student. Verifying payments was also added to update or browse student’s billings.

Online Enrollment System is a good example of a computer generated process. This can lessen the workload and provides accurate information needed of the school. As a result, it will benefit not only the student but the administration as a whole.

Online Enrollment System is very essential in a school. In the case of Quirino High School, it is composed of a manual system. Directress used manual system in recording and retrieving student’s information. She also has information about student’s payment. In fact, she does all the record keeping just by using ball pen and columnar sheet. On the other hand, Registrar Department also used manual system as a way of recording and retrieving student information. Another department is Accounting Office that administers student’s payment manually.

Above our observation, human interventions will highly involve in this type of system. As a result, this may involve errors and redundancy of data resulting troubles in organization.


Project Context

            Quirino High School was established in year 1955 and was started as an annex of Quezon City High School with the Head Teacher named Mrs. Sofia Javier, together with 4 mentors and with an enrolment of 200 students. The school was become independent in year 1958 with Mrs. Monicacia Dela Cruz as acting Principal, together with 20 Faculty members and 883 students.


            The annex of Quirino High School now the Jose P. Laurel School in Project 4 was created to cope with the marked increase of 2895 students in year 1965. The Officer in charge was Mrs. Eladia M. Yabut with 68 teachers. By the year 1971, the newly appointed Head Teacher in charge was Mrs. Consuelo D. Sison. It was the period of growth and expansion- improvement of the school. Also she introduced the 3 day scheme program which focused on the maximum use of time and academic.  In year 1983 Mrs. Virginia Medel took over Mrs. Sison position. In this year there were eight classroom constructed and won as outstanding school paper and advisers too.

            Mrs. Estinellie C. Chingcuanco took over as the principal and replaced by Dr. Soledad Dilao, the General Education Supervison in Matehematics and was awarded in yerar 1991 as “Ulirang Guro “. In 1993, general Education Supervisor in Research Dr. Teresita N. Turlabeacame became the Officed In-Charge. In her time the school got the Third Place in the “Search for the Cleanest and Most Beautiful School”.  Quirino High School became the pioneer for SPED Secondary level during the time. Dr. Ballesteros was replaced by Dr. Coazon D. Fontillas who manage the school for 1 year and 6 months. The Head Teacher in Filipino Mrs. Nora Espiritu took over the position when Dr. Fontillas retired.


In year 2000 month of February Ms. Milagrosa A. Sn Juan was welcomed as the new Principal IV. During her term two computer laboratories was donated. She together with the staff created the new Mission and Vision of the school. Quality improvement of the QHS. Also she worked on the provision of a computer for each department and to further enriched info-tech through the Coke-Ed Venture Fit-Ed Program, first ever at QHS.  Year 2000 Dr. Consolation C. Montanon became as the outlook, stage plans for accomplishments and project. The complete facilitation of the Full House. December 2006 Norma Malicdem Arao established rapport among the students, mentors, personnel’s and to the other employee of QHS. She prioritizes the needs of the students.

            In year 2009 Dr. Alejandro Refemente took over the position of Norma M. Arao. He I is primarily the principal of Culiet High School. In Year 2011, Dr Alejandro Refamente replaced by Dr. Levita  U. Romeo became the IV principal of QHS and former principal of New Era High School. She retired last May year 2011. Year 2012 , Congressman Jorge ‘Bolif”  , Councilor Allan Reyes, Gian carlo and Jaime Borres , Captain Caloy, Dr. Levita U. Ramos, P.T.A officers, teachers students and Priest from St. Joseph Shrine attended the newly blessed Multi purpose covered court of Quirino High School.



Purpose And Description

            The purpose and description of the study is stated below. It discusses all about the purpose of the system and its description as well:


Problem Identification

            This research attempted to identify the problem of manual enrollment system in Quirino High School.

            Base on the interview and survey result the researcher indentified that on the manual system that the school is presently using, information and records were not kept accordingly that causes lost of important papers and documents, hard to search and retrieve that causes misplace and no assurance of safety keeping.

Another problem identified is when the entries of form in the student’s master lists are not updated, where some are complaining when records are incorrect if someone needs the documents. Some lists of classes were not produced immediately upon the start of the school year, that’s why it consumes hour or days to know what the student’s section.

The researcher also found out that generating subject every student is on other side of department building that take time to walk that cause the process slow, the increase also of the student population is one of the main problem during enrollment process.


Description of the Existing System

The existing enrollment system of Quirino High School uses the typical way of enrollment process. The process of the enrollment system begins if a student wants to enroll. He or she must present all legal and needed requirements such as FORM 136/Class Card for first year and Class Card with Clearance for second year and third year level. Having completed the requirements, the enrollee needs to get their subjects corresponding with the year level at the section building, after getting the subject the enrollee will register to the registrar for filling up the student’s record that will use in student profile.


Having completed the requirements, the enrollee must proceed to the cashier office to pay the initial payment or the tuition fee and miscellaneous fee upon enrollment. After paying the amount, enrollee will go to the principal’s office for the admission slip. This is how the existing enrollment system works.

Description of Proposed System     

The purpose of this research aims to develop an Online Enrollment System design for the benefits of enrollees and for the administrator staff of the school and to help the Quirino High School to having that fast and accurate enrollment system flow.


This project is online enrolment system for students. It retrieves and collects details of students with enrollment assessment process that produce detailed reports. It may also be use as local and online assessment of the students. The System is design to   retrieve and track the data in a faster,   easier and safe way by storing file data of the student enrollees inside a database which will lessen the effort of school staff. These details here could be seen in a second without having to worry that the single data lost. It has also functionality that can access through internet that makes students easily view and provide information.


The new Online Enrollment System will have own login page for the student to view their profile with their school assessment and also advertise the school. And also the administrative login page to secure and manage the assessment form, student profile and detailed reports.




The objectives of the study titled Online Enrollment System for Quirino High School are the following:

  • To provide the solution with their problem on Manual Enrollment System that could make the enrollment fast, easier and safe each enrollment process. Safety store all the records, information, and data of the new and old students.
  • To assist the students and staff who are suffering the time consuming, slow, inaccurate and manual enrollment system.
  • To propose an Online Enrollment System that customize and suit the needs of Quirino High School  that will Lessen the workload and paper works of the employees and to improve the system and procedure of the enrolment process

Scope And Limitations

            The Online Enrollment system concentrates gathered enrollment data from students which contains and indicates the fees, subjects and student records like basic information, contacts and address. This will serve as a registration form document done through online and offline computerized form that can be allow student and staff access and view easily. It will provide enrollment history every transaction for every student that will be manages in an easy way without having to worry that the single data lost. The Online Enrollment System is carried out to design an efficient and effective system when it comes to speed, reliability and accuracy reports.

             The system produce only the generate Fees slip that to be physically presented upon manual payment. Also the schedule of the students is not included since it will provided after the enrollment process done. The accounting report is also limit including the invoice receipt and other payment form.


Significance Of The Study  

The population of the students is getting higher every yr. This study helped the school to process the enrolment in an easy method. Benefit of the following


 Admin Staff and Registrar

  It will be easier for the admin staff to process the enrollee. The system lessens the enrollment time, minimize the errors and redundancy.  System will provide reports in retrieving records, information of the students.



  Well organized way without the hassles of waiting long hours just to fill up forms. It can do it in the comforts of your residence, with a reduction of the long waiting line and crowd volume, plus you got more time to choose, decide on the schedules.



 The proponents would also recipient of the study. It will help the proponents gain and apply their understanding. It will help to improve their skills and work during the study.


Future Researcher

 For the future researcher, this study could help and use as their guide or as reference for online enrolment system.



Related Literature And Studies

This chapter consists of information from studies and literature, both local and foreign .These is based on dissertation both published and unpublished or just a manuscript came from the other sources. It contains collections related articles, thoughts, views and ideas done by other researchers and developers. It gives knowledge to formulate the main problem. It guides the researcher to create ideas or conceptual frame work research design, procedures, process, analyzing and implementing the data. By this, the researcher will have his own picture of comparative analysis. As a result, the proponents conducted a research on the facts related to the system that might be supportive to its improvement of the schools or universities.

Local Literature

According to the Department of Information Technology of Olivarez College and other team. A new automated enrollment system was anticipated and approved by the administrator., according to the source the enrollment system will automatically get the student’s information, will easily access and hassle-free enrollment, this is for student exclusive of any pending back subject whereas for students with pending back subject, they should meet the selected person for assessment.

 According to Engr. Hediki Hashimoto a Japanese volunteer headed the creation and conceptualization of the system. The Automated Enrollment System of Samar State University aims for an accurate, user friendly, efficient system that can help both the student and personnel for fast data processing of enrollment. The information technology faculty from the College of Engineering and Arts and Sciences assisted him. The system that is web based uses PHP programming language with data stored in My SQL is run through the intranet of SSU.A dry-run for this automated enrolment was done last summer and the first semester of this school year. Offices affected with the automation were the registrar, cashier, accounting, and the Colleges of Education, Engineering, Arts and Sciences, Industrial Technology, Nursing and Graduate Studies. Feedbacks from the students were formulated when the first semester started. Over 75 % of them say that the automation process of enrollment was better compared with the old system. With the good result of the dry run the automated enrolment system will be finally implemented this 2ndsemester.In this study, they have used PHP as for their programming language and they store data using My SQL. As for the proponents they will use VB.net for their data base and Visual Basic 6.0 for their programming language. And another difference is that they are only automated and the system only runs through the intranet of the university. This means that they can’t access the records using the Internet and outside the school.

The only similarities that the proponents have encountered here is that the university formulated a powerful database that will hold huge number of data and can retrieve and track student transactions. This is one of the goals of the proposed system that the proponents will be developing.

According to the group of IT of FEU, online automated to system is very efficient and easy to manage during enrolment system. The System is established and assured to work as Stand-alone application, LAN-Based or Internet-based with numerous loading capabilities by means of single installation only. If storing of information data is the most important goal of school, it works competently over and over the internet involving  and users at the same time. The goal of the school is to improve the enrolment process and to lessen the errors during enrolment process.

According to Jeremiah T. Sta Cruz their developer  of Saint John Academy Dinalupihan, Bataan, online enrolment system will be planned for the utilize of staff to facilitate them to create information required by different people in a fastest and easiest way. Computer is commonly used by all corporation and organization and one of this is Online Enrollment System. Online enrolment System serves as a very important part of a school for effortless and well-situated way of enrolling.

According to Bacala, Mariel Reaño, Esmeralda Mr. Paulino Gatpandan. The Online Enrolment System was proposed in substitute of the Manual Enrolment System of the organization for it to have an structured flow of transaction and competent of work especially to the administrators of Cavite Maritime Institute. It helps to retrieve and track all the necessary information from the students. It helps handle all the records of the students. Thus, for the administrator and other authorized personnel should be able to lessen their workloads and errors.

Ebenezer Montessori Christian School, Inc. The study aims provide a system that will serve their Registrar accurately and with efficiency in matters related to their enrollment. Objective of Information Technology is to help humanity from doing loads of work over time. By having computerized system, the cost during enrollment will be cut down and much effort will be reduced.
The project involves a series of studies that covers all the requirements of creating a computerized enrollment system

Liceo de Cagayan University. The study meant at creating a system that would give a further opportunity for enrolling and that would give back for the schools be short of manpower and time-consuming system. The database of the system is the db Enrollment. It  has several tables and stores information such as student’s academic records, secretary’s files and records, class schedules, pre-requisites, subjects, curricula and other essential data needed in the system. The proposed system caters freshmen and transferees that contain some information just like: subject evaluation, viewing of curriculum,  and update profile. The system helps the management to lessens the enrollment time and work load as well, and minimizes errors and redundancy.

According to Jefels (2010), Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is important in primary education because it enables kids to search for the information they need and to organize what they have found. As children progress through the school system, they become increasingly responsible for their own learning. Many believe that ICT needs to be better integrated into curriculums so all schools produce computer literate, independent learners.

ICT is a global phenomenon, and children who are computer literate at an early stage of their lives might deal better with the modern world. A sound knowledge of ICT makes it much easier for children to find and organize information. An Office for Standards in Education  funded study (2009) that took place between 2005 and 2008 identified good practices in the teaching of ICT. Although the ICT curriculum was sometimes poorly balanced, its use contributed to children doing better in some subject areas. The study also found that the primary school children spent as much time on computers as the curriculum allowed. Primary school children who do well in ICT spend a lot of time going over the same ground rather than progressing. The Ofsted study (2009) found that in more than half the primary schools they visited, children did well in ICT. However, earlier work found that in more than half the primary schools they visited, children did well in ICT. However, earlier work found that children did better in schools where the computing resources were good, but had lower levels of achievement when resources were fewer.

According to the study of the group of Abrogar (2009), one major factor in growth in information and communication technology (ICT) is what industry insiders call “peopleware” – or the human component of the industry. Peopleware has become a classic on building effective development teams. More than hardware and software, peopleware completes the equation, which spells the success of ICT and ICT enabled enterprises in the country.  Peopleware is a term used to refer to one of the three core aspects of computer technology, the other two being hardware and software. Peopleware can refer to anything that has to do with the role of people in the development or use of computer software and hardware systems, including such issues as developer productivity, teamwork, group dynamics, the psychology of programming, project management, organizational factors, human interface design, and human-machine-interaction.

According to a student info system (SIS) online enrolment system for education establishments helps to manage student data. Student information systems of De La Salle University is the first one that I have heard using an Online Enrollment system .It provide capabilities for entering student test and managing many other student-related data needs in a school, college or university. Also known as student information management system (SIMS, SIM), student records system (SRS), student management system (SMS), campus management system (CMS) or school management system (SMS).

According to Carel W. Villanueva of Metropolitan Computer Times, a well-known architect; and contractor Gilbert Yugave stated their opinions about the importance of computer: substantial man-hours are saved, errors are lessened and productivity is increased by 60%.

According to UNO-R Bacolod, AIMS enchances their enrollment system. The Academic Information Management System or AIMS has enhanced the enrollment system and academic record keeping of the University of Negros Occidental Recoletos in Bacolod City. AIMS have greatly improved the school’s information technology infrastructure. UNO-R students ad their parents can view the academic records online while enrollment procedures has been reduced to only 30 minutes or so with corresponding accounts due within 5 days. School notices and announcements may be read online.

According to Far Eastern University, they decided to automate the enrollment system in two phases: (1) the development of a system for enrollment and student’s records for Phase 1 and; (2) the integration of the students’ financial records. They reviewed organizational structures, assigned people to support groups and asked faculty advisers and staff for training.

The local literature stated above is related to each other because with the usage of computer they can save time and errors were lessened because of less paperworks. The systems were done with the help of computer that has database and the ability store records among students who uses enrollment systems.

Foreign Literature

The on-line student enrollment system enables students to enroll into their subjects prior to the commencement of their semesters. This enrollment system not only allows international students to enroll through internet without traveling to the campus but also incorporates the business rules. These business rules cover a wide range of regulations and policy such as subject pre-requisite, student’s payment status, course coordinator’s decision and the correspondence of students’ seniority to the intended enrolling subjects. Besides business rules, the system also incorporates various notification mechanisms like Short Messaging Service (SMS)and E-mail. XML is used to store business rules and this allows the portability   system interface to wider range of devices such as Personal Device Assistant (PDA). The interface auto-detects the user’s device either PC/laptop or much smaller screen device such as PDA. In short, the enrolment system backend engine runs based on the business rules and front-end engine runs to provide high satisfaction user experience. With the business and user interface, the system is able to run the workflow of the student enrolment from the online enrolment form to approval workflow cycle running in parallel with the notification capability.

According to Ford Apache is a powerful web server designed with a modular architecture to be both efficient and portable. It is extremely flexible, offering the ability for a sing server to support multiple websites as virtual hosts and to act as web proxy. Apache includes standard modules for caching, to supports SSL/TLS connections, various authentication and authorization mechanisms, and filtering system. There are many add-on modules that extend Apache’s functionality providing features, such as templating engines, embedded interpreters for many scripting languages, and HTTP interfaces to systems such as the Subversion control system.

This packet reference summarizes Apache’s command-line option and the configuration directives for the modules in the standard distribution. It covers Apache version 2.2.9, but most information is applicable to any version of Apache 2. For comprehensive information, the scale of which is beyond the scope of a small guide such as this, the Apache documentation website should be your next point of referral.

Apache is normally run as a system daemon or service, with a parent process or thread supervising a number of child processes or threads that perform the request processing. A part from certain core feature, most functionality is implemented by modules, which may be either statically linked into the server dynamically loaded on startup.

Operating systems vary in how they implement features such as networking and multiprocessing. Apache version 2.0 introduced Multi Processing Modules (MPMs) to provide networking and scheduling models tailored to particular operating system and usage patterns. MPMs use the native features of the operating system and provide scheduling using processes, threads, or a mix of the two. Apache uses only a single MPM at any time, and it must be statically compiled into the server

According to Pouncey I., York R.. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a language designed for describing the appearance of documents written in a markup language such as HTML. With CSS you can control the color the text, the style of fonts, the spacing between paragraphs, how columns are sized and laid out, what background images or colors are used, and a variety of other visual effects. One of the major benefits is that the same CSS can be used by more than one page, meaning that the style of an entire website can be adjusted without having to change page individually.

The most common use for CSS is to style web pages, and in combination with HTML or XHTML (which is used to describe content) and JavaScript (which is used to add interactivity to a site). CSS is a very powerful tool. In the early days of the Web, nine different proposals were made to the World Wide Web Consortium, the main standards organization for the Web which is more commonly known as the W3C, for a style sheet language to help separate the visual appearance of a document from its content. In 1994, Cascading HTML Style Sheets was proposed by Hakon Wium Lie, now CTO of Opera Software, but at the time he was working at CERN with Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau, the two men invented the World Wide Web. CHSS become CSS because CSS can be applied to more than just HTML, and in December 1996 the CSS level 1 Recommendation was published.

Since then, there more CSS specifications have been published by the W3C. CSS2 became a recommendation in 1998, with CSS 2.1 and CSS 3 currently existing as candidate recommendations.

Although CSS 3 is still under development, CSS 2.1 is likely to become a fully fledged recommendation in the near future and is well supported by all modern browsers. By using CSS for the presentation of a document, you can substantially reduce the amount of time you spend composing not only a single document but an entire website. As you’ll discover, CSS is much more versatile than the styling mechanisms provided by HTML alone. The versatility of CSS, when harnessed effectively, can reduce the amount of hard disk space that a website occupies, as well as the amount of bandwidth required to transmit that website from the server to the browser.

According to Holzner S., et al, (2009). jQuery is an open-source JavaScript kit for building Web applications so dynamic they jump off the page. Filled with special controls like calendars and the folders, and special effects like wipes and fade-ins, jQuery is gaining popularity rapidly.

Perhaps most important, jQuery gives you excellent support for Ajax applications. Ajax is what allows you to access a Web server from a browser without a page refresh-that is, there’s no blinking, no flicker when you download data behind the scenes with Ajax; you just download the data and then you can display it in a Web page using dynamic HTML techniques. No fuss no muss- and the end result is an application that looks more like a desktop application that a Web application.

With Ajax, the user can do something in a browser page, and the result of their action appears instantly, updated immediately in the browser window, without affecting the other contents of the window.

jQuery an open-source JavaScript kit for building web application so dynamic, they jump off the page. Filled with special controls like calendars and tab folders, and special effect like wipes and fade-in, jQuery is gaining popularity rapidly. Specialized in letting you select element in a page and it does better than any wrapped sets of elements at the same time.

jQuery is a JavaScript library full of tools ready to be used – which means that it’s prewritten JavaScript, ready for you to put to work in your own Web pages. In this book, you get a guided tour of what makes jQuery so popular.

jQuery specializes in letting you select elements in a page, and it does that well than any other JavaScript library. You’ll see how to create wrapped sets of elements in jQuery, so you can handle multiple elements at the same time. You’ll also see how to manipulate wrapped sets of elements by changing their appearance, style, visibility, and even their HTML.

jQuery also comes packed with super-power-full utility functions, such as functions that let you determine which browser the user has and what its capabilities are. jQuery provides many utility functions and you’ll get a look at the best ones in this book.

jQuery is known for its visual effects, which include slick-looking wipes, in which a sheet of color wipes over an element, and fades, in which an element and its background fade from view.

According to King T. Reese MySQL is open in every sense of the term. Its SQL dialect uses ANSIS SQL2 as its foundation. The database engine runs on countless platforms, including Windows 2000, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris. If no binary is available for your platform, you have access to the source to compile to that platform.

MySQL has an API for just about any programming language. Specifically, you can write database applications those applications that access MySQL in C, C++, Eiffel, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, and Tcl.

MySQL supports several different character sets, including ISO-8859-1, Big5, and Shift-JIS. It also supports sorting for different character sets and can be customized easily. Error message can be provided in different languages as well.

MySQL compares well with other free database engines. It blows them away, however in terms of performance. In fact, mSQL does not compare with MySQL on any level. InstantDB compares reasonably on a feature level, but MySQL is still much faster. PostgreSQL has some cool SQL3 features, but it carries the bloat of commercial database engines. If you are looking at low-cost database engines and are using advanced SQL3 features, you probably want PostgresSQL.

Like many applications, MySQL has a test suite that verifies that a newly compiled system does indeed support all the features it is supposed to support without breaking. The MySQL team calls it test suite “crash-me” because one of its features is to try to crash MySQL.

Somewhere along the way, someone noticed that crash-me was a portable program. Not only could it work on different operating systems, but you could use it to test different database engines. Since that discovery, crash-me has evolved from a simple test suite into a comparison program. The tests encompass all of standard SQL as well as extensions offered by many servers. In addition, the program tests the reliability of the server under stress. A complete test run gives a through picture of the capabilities of the database engine being tested.

MySQL is a relational database management system. It includes not only a server process to manage databases, but also tools for accessing the database and building application against that database.

The Structured Query Language (SQL) is used to read and write to MySQL databases. Using SQL, you can search for, enter, modify, or delete data. SQL is the most fundamental tool you will need for your interactions with MySQL. Even if you are using some application or graphical user interface to access the database, somewhere under the hood that application is generating SQL.

SQL is a sort of “natural” language. In other words, an SQL statement should read – at least on the surface – like a sentence of English text. This approach has both benefits and drawbacks, but the end result is a language unlike traditional programming languages such as C, Java, or Perl.

According to Holzner , PHP stand for “PHP” Hypertext Preprocessor”, but it is also known around the world for its original name, Personal Home Page. It’s the server side programming language that’s taken the web world by storm – PHP is far and away the most popular programming language for use on Web servers. That’s the idea behind PHP: being able to do some easy programming on the Web server, creating everything from online database to guest books, from customer schedulers to chat rooms, from file uploading tools to shopping carts. It’s all possible with PHP.

Where did PHP come from? PHP users are sometimes started to learn that PHP has been around for quite some time; it was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994 (Rasmus wanted a way of logging who was looking at his online resume). PHP got such a good reputation that by 1995 it was available for use by other people, and the PHP revolution was underway.

PHP at that time was called Personal Home Page, or Personal Home Page Tools. At that time, as you might expect, PHP was very simple, and could be used to create Web page hit counters, guest books, and the like. The 1995 version of PHP was called PHP/FI Version 2.

In time, Rasmus added support for interfacing with Mini SQL (mSQL), and PHP/FI started growing at an astonishing rate as more people contributed code to it. There was a real need for an easy Web server programming language then, and the number of PHP pages just kept growing. In 1996, PHP/FI was already being used by about 15,000 Web page. In 1997, that number grew to more than 50,000.

Today, PHP is everywhere you look on the Web, with an estimated 100 million PHP pages (it’s hard to get accurate statistics-if you do a search on Google for PHP, for example, you get an astounding estimated 2,7400,00,000 hits). PHP is still true to its original name: Personal Home Page, because it gives you the easiest way to make you Web pages come alive on the server. But PHP has also become a very professional language, suitable for top-notch sites.

According to Delisle M. PhpMyAdmin is an open source web interface that handles the administration of MySQL. It can perform various tasks such as creating, modifying, or deleting databases, tables, columns, or rows. It can also execute SQL statements or manage users and their permission. When it comes to exploiting PhpMyAdmin to its full potential, even experienced developers and system administrators search for tutorials to accomplish their tasks.

PhpMyAdmin is a web application written in PHP; it contains XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript client code. This application provides a complete web interface for administering MySQL database, and is widely recognized as the leading application in this field.

Being open source since its birth, it has enjoyed support from numerous developers and translators worldwide. The project is currently hosted at SourceForge.net and developed using their facilities by the PhpMyAdmin team.

Host providers everywhere are showing their trust in PhpMyAdmin by installing it on their servers. The popular cPanel (a website control application) contains PhpMyAdmin. In addition, we can install our own copy of PhpMyAdmin on our web server as long as our provider’s server satisfies with the minimum requirements.

The goal of PhpMyAdmin is to offer a complete web-based management of MySQL servers and data, and to keep us with MySQL and web standards evolution. While the product is always evolving, it supports all standard operations along with extra features.

PhpMyAdmin offers features that cover basic MySQL database and table operations. It also has an internal system that maintains metadata supports advanced feature. Finally, system administrators can manage users and privileges from PhpMyAdmin. It is important to note that PhpMyAdmin’s choice of available operations depends on the rights the user has on a specific MySQL server.


India’s higher education system is the third largest in the world. The most significant governing organization at tertiary level is the University Grants Commission. Which enforces its principles, advises the government, and lend a hand to organize between the centre and the state? Official recognition for higher learning is overseen by 12 independent institutions recognized by the University Grants Commission. As of 2009, India has 2 central university 215 state universities, 100 deemeduniversities, 5 institutions established and carrying out under the state act, and 13 institutes which are of national importance. Other institutions include 16000 colleges, including 1800 exclusive women’s colleges, functioning under these universities and organizations.

Long Beach City College Switches Online Enrollment System Kopf, David. Southern California community college Long Beach City College has using with a new Cognos-based enrollment management system that was planned by Irvine, Californian based professional services firm e2e Analytix .Prior to installing the new system. The school has two main campuses and numerous satellites that maintain nine schools and 34 departments, handled its enrollment via manual spreadsheets. There is no reporting, continuity, or ordinary practices, and with extensive error corrections, the school’s enrollment institute budgeting and scheduling took up to three months to collect, support, and put into action.

School tapped e2e Analytix, which specializes in higher education, to propose a online enrollment management system. Enrollment management was a exclusive relevance according to Dan Galuppo, Director of professional services, but the consequence delivers data collection, consolidation, work flow, and calculations to help LBCC enrollment staff make faster, accessible and more conversant decisions.

According to the Dean of LBCC Ms. Linda Umbdenstock, the new system provides flexible and useful model development and the solution significantly reduced the quantity of time to process, combine and apply forecasts. It provided real-time service cost and cost scheduling per semester.

According to Support, Mr. Kerian Greenaway According to Support, Mr. Kerian Greenaway Coordinator of Admission the system . Edith Cowan University (ECU)  at this time there are more than 5, 000 new  enrolling students, which has been made easier with online enrolment system. This has permitted ECU to considerably re-design its business procedures. The system is known as the Edith Cowan University Web Enrolment System, and replaces usual firm copy enrolment. offers proximity and usefulness of course enrolment via the Internet.

In terms of enrolment, the student has time to manage of enrolling in a week period, which allows for any little problems in the system, if the student not able to get online. ECU also formerly faced difficulties with organization student enrolment management, as staffs were disseminated across numerous locations, so there was a desire for enhanced entrée and organizing of student information. International students enjoy easy enrolment process with enhanced time efficiency.

According to  Robert John G.and Riceo, Vincent Joel T. of Veritas Parochial School Pascual enrollment system is developed to help both the old and new students ,to enroll in a more well-organized way with no waiting long hours just to fill up forms, that most of the time become redundant, or to wait  in line and pay your  fees . It is with the Enrollment System for VPS that this new method of enrollment may be achieved. This new variety of system offers the student with new options for enrolling. Just by logging on to their website the student may generate his new account for the existing year he is to be enrolled in.  All the student has to do is to fill up certain forms that do not take more than a few minutes to finish. Then the account will be saved and stored in the school database for upcoming references of the student.

According to Whitten, Bently, Ho, they stated their reason on Why does computerization help? Saying computer amplifies the potential of the information system by increasing efficiency, reducing errors, and increasing effectiveness.

According to James A. O’Brien, “There are many kinds of information system in the real world”. All of them use hardware, software, network, and people resources to transform data resources into information products. Some are simple manual information systems where people use simple things such as pencil and paper, or even machines such as calculators and typewritters.

Today’s technology is influenced by computers. Everywhere you go and everything you do can be manipulated through computer transactions. Other fields incorporated computers in their processes, computerization. As Alcuaz said, “The advent of computer and technical automation has drastically change the appearance of today’s offices.” But with the computer technology growing rapidly, the changes continue everyday in offices around the world.

The use of computer technology is continuously evolving because technology doesn’t stop unless human kind is satisfied. Based on the foreign literature, computers are very helpful tool. Nowadays they can make work easier and efficient.


                Bagahay, Edalie G. et.al on their study: “A proposed enrollment system and records management system for B.U. College Registrar”, developed enrollment system and records management system of Bicol University Registrar Office. The objective of the study is to design on effective and efficient computer based system that will provide an increase in quality of service to the clientele. Problems are lack of equipment, delay in the submission of grades and data errors produced of manual system.

Bacala, Mariel et..al “Online enrollment system for Cavite Maritime Institute Dasmariñas, Cavite”, stated that the online Enrollment system was proposed in replacement of the Manual Enrollment System of the institution to have an organized flow of transaction and an ease of work especially to the administrators of Cavite Maritime Institute.

In the study of Paaño, Aileen P. et.al, “National Training Program Computer-Based Information System of Aquinas University of Legazpi”, aimed to provide a more effective information system and more accurate and efficient process of doing the system and procedures of NSTP. The researchers of the stidy used the software development life cycle and employed an input-process-output theory and the open system theory.

Aldou, Irene G. “Management Information System for the Department of Tourism Regional Office No. 5”, created a system that replaced manual system to computerized information system.

Man continuously searches for improvement regarding on the way of life. Through the advancement in Science and Technology, computers were introduced which set forth a new generation in technology and computers.


                Patrick, H.H “online  student enrollment system”, Swinburne University of Technology, Sarawak Campus Malaysia. This study aims to allow student Administrators to make different queries, notification mechanism, minimize human errors and service oriented satisfaction among students.

Governor Andres Pascual College, a software development and IT service firm implemented its catalyst integrated web platform to provide content management, transaction processing, marketing, and interactive community function to the two rice schools. This study allows the user to know the contecnt management, transaction processing, marketing, and interactive community functions of a software development.

A Management Information System (MIS) is a system or process that provides the information necessary to manage an organization effectively. MIS and the information it generates are generally considered essential components of prudent and reasonable business decisions.

The importance of maintaining a consistent approach to the development, use, and review of MIS systems within the institution must be an ongoing concern to both bank management and OCC examiners. MIS should have a clearly defined framework of guidelines, policies or practices, standards, and procedures for the organization. These should be followed throughout the institution in the development, maintenance, and use of all MIS.

The only similarities that the proponents have encountered here is that they use a very powerful database that will hold a very large number of data and can keep track of the students records and transactions. This is one of the goals of the proposed system that the proponents will be developing.



                The following terms were conceptually and operationally defined as shown in Table 1.

Administrator Is a high level function that is responsible for overall management of data resources in an organization, including maintaining corporate-wide definitions and standards. The administrator is one of the important aspects of the system. The administrator presides or manages the flow of resources or information in the system.
Database Is consists of an organized collection of data for one or more uses, typically in digital form. One way of classifying databases involves the type of their contents, for example: bibliographic, document-text, statistical. It is used to store data/records like student records, student’s information and any data that needs to be stored.
Cashier Is an occupation focused on the handling of cash money. Is responsible for the payments of the students.
Enrollment The act of enrolling; registration. It is used by the school respective for enrolling students.
Registrar A registrar is an official keeper of records or a place where records are kept. It may also be a trade name or a term in software design. Is responsible for enrollment of the student and adding or updating student information.
Student A person engages in a study. One who attends a school, or who seeks knowledge from professional teachers or from books. It is the one who will use the proposed system to view his/her profile.

Technical Background

This chapter presents the flow of enrolment system. The comparison of the existing and proposed system, it contains diagram to show the step by step process of the system.

Narrative Explanation Of The Existing System

The current set up of the school has been using forms that are to be filled up by the enrolled students so that the school can have a record of the student’s transactions for the whole year. But as the population of the school grows, the existing system is no longer well-organized and suitable to accommodate both the school services and the quantity of the students. The management at this time seeks an improved way that would help them handle the enrolment enhanced, more efficient, and more convenient for them and for the students also.


Context Diagram of Existing System

In context diagram of existing system explains that the new student must fill up the registration form that contains personal information such as Surname, First Name, Middle name, Address and contact number. After filling the slip, student need to present the form 136/ card.






Diagram of Existing System

The student will process to the section building to and choose the subjects for the whole semester. The next step will be on the Accounting office to pay the initial payment for the semester. Receipt will be released; automatically the student is now officially enrolled. The receipt will be presented to the registrar to get the schedule for the whole semester. Registration form is presented   on the first day of classes.


Entry Relationship of existing System

 Entry relationship explains the connections of the enrollee to the admission office, accounting and registrar office.  The student follows the step by step process of the existing enrollment system. From the admission office which is for assessment process, to the accounting office for fees up to the registration office for the schedule of the student for whole semester.



            The Automated Online System is design to   retrieve and track the data in a faster,   easier and safe way by storing file data of the student enrollees inside a database which will lessen the effort of school staff. These details here could be seen in a second without having to worry that the single data lost. It has also functionality that can access through internet that makes students easily view and provide information.


Context Diagram of Proposed System

The Online Enrollment system concentrates gathered enrollment data from students which contains and indicates the fees, subjects and student records like basic information, contacts and address. This will serve as a registration form document done through online and offline computerized form that can be allow student and staff access and view easily. It will provide enrollment history every transaction for every student that will be manages in an easy way without having to worry that the single data lost.

Diagram of the Proposed System

The Online Enrollment System is carried out to design an efficient and effective system when it comes to speed, reliability and accuracy reports.   The system produce only the generate Fees slip that to be physically presented upon manual payment. Also the schedule of the students is not included since it will provided after the enrollment process done. The accounting report is also limit including the invoice receipt and other payment form.

Relationship of the Proposed System

            The proposed system enables the students to have an access to the enrollment system in their own homes or where the internet is accessible. The proposed system facilitates and stores all the records and data transactions, and other activities of the students regarding the enrollment. The system generated the necessary reports needed by the faculty and the students like the Certificate of Registration.

The Student Information Sheet, Registration Form, Advising Slip, and Assessment Slip are going to be obtainable online where it could be submitted in the same manner.



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