Online Ordering System Capstone Project Document


Internet also known as World Wide Web is amazing and great innovation in human life.  The internet is known for its one of a kind tool for communication all over the world.  One of the things that the internet is useful to human is the trend nowadays, the Online Shopping.  This is where the customers can choose products and services they want by visiting a certain website.  This kind of trend in shopping has more advantages both customers and the sellers.  For clients, the online purchases will save them from time, money and effort to visit the store to have an actual checking of items.  By browsing the website of a seller, the clients will right away view the available sizes, colors, prices, discounts and the availability of the items needed.

Wrinkles Balloons and Party Needs is an online web based ordering system.  The trends of online shopping where people are busy and they find it hard to have an extra time to look for the right items they really wanted for the party.  Celebrant or the party organizer will prefer to check online the things they needed for the party.  They can see a lot of items online and they can make good comparison from the internet.  They can order at the comfort of their own home by just one click of a mouse.  No need for the customers to visit the store to check the items and compare prices.

The primary goal of the company is to maintain good relationship to the customers by providing quality products and services.  The company will offer wide variety of quality party needs for customers.  Unique designs to choose from to fit the preferred theme of the celebrant. Also the company will let the customer choose the items they want to include in the package, like the piñata for the party. The system will also provide product catalog with product details and prices. In relation to this, the researchers will develop an online ordering system for a hassle-free shopping transaction, not only for the customers but also for the company as well.

Background of the Study

Wrinkles Balloons and Party Needs have been operating for more than twenty eight (28) years in 19th St., Lacson, Bacolod City.  It is owned and managed by Mr. Joemarie Georfo.The business lasted for more than a decade because of the quality of the products and services where the clients are expected to have. The business have been accepting reservations and orders manually.The orders and reservations are only recorded in a log book to keep track of the dates of when will the reservation and exact date that the items will be picked up by the customers or to be delivered.

Objectives of the Study

          The main objective of this study is to provide Wrinkles Balloons and Party Needs a system for online-based ordering and transactions.

  1. This study will design and develop an Online Ordering System for Wrinkles Balloons and Party Needs that will:
  • provide an online ordering system for registered users;
  • manage party reservation and orders;
  • provide payment facility through payment gateway;
  • assess the acceptability of the entire system to the end-users in terms of; (a) effectiveness, (b) efficiency, (c) quality, (d) timeliness;
  • make a website for easier purchasing process and reservations;
  • part of the service is the tracking system to monitor their orders for delivery.

2 Evaluate the system using 9126 standard.

Conceptual Framework

Customer’s Personal Information and password

Customer’s account access and password

Customer’s order and reservation

Recording and saving the personal information of the customer

Validating customer’s account and password

Recording/posting of orders and reservation of customer to report

Secure customer’s personal access.

Customer log in to their personal account

Items reserved for pick-up and delivery

Scope and Delimitation of the Study


The study covers the online ordering and reservation process of Wrinkles Balloons and Party Needs. People are now busy to visit the stores and shop for their party needs like balloons, tarpaulin, table and chairs for visitors, foods, goodies, give away, invitations, souvenirs to complete their party bash.  The company will provide service to make customers shop convenient at their own time anytime, anywhere.  The customers can choose from the wide variety of items for the party. The item details, availability of the items is posted in the web page of Wrinkles Balloons and Party Needs.  The customers can purchase right away by online banking debit or money transfer to secure their orders and deliver the items in 1-2 days.  The customers can also check the status of their orders and delivery by visiting the website and log in on their account.


The company will not allow customer to request for a refund if the items were delivered in good condition.

The items posted on the web page do not include the delivery cost.

The system will limit ordering internationally and outside the Bacolod city.

Significance of the Study

This system will be beneficial to the following identified groups:

For the company

  • Manage Admin and User accounts
  • To help the company to increase more customers
  • Maintain shop reports
  • To make the procedure of ordering online much easier

For the Customer

  • They can easily to visit and see the product using the internet
  • Easy to register to the website
  • Provide an easy access of customers in getting their orders
  • Easy to pay by using online payment process

Future Researchers. This study will be effective tool to serve as a reference to the future researcher and they can also use this study to widen and enlighten them for the research.


Definition of Terms

World Wide Web

  • Conceptually, the term is basically a system of internet servers that support specially formatted documents.  The documents are formatted in a markup language called HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) that supports links to other documents, as well as graphics, audio, and video files. Operationally, World Wide Web is a major factor in operating an online reservation and purchases of Wrinkles Balloons and Party Needs.  This study of upgrading the system of the business to go online is with the help of World Wide Web.

Online Shopping

  • The term is conceptually used in this work to refer to the action or activity of buying goods or services via the Internet. Operationally, refers of making shopping easier by using internet access anytime, anywhere without any hassle.


  • The term means a location connected to the Internet that maintains one or more pages on the World Wide Web. As used in the study, “website” is where the customers of Wrinkles Balloons and Party Needs do their reservation and to confirm orders and to monitor or trace the delivery.  The order is basically done with the help of internet access.

Online Payment

  • Conceptually, allowing money transfer to be made only through internet.  It functions as a fast and secure electronic alternatives to traditional methods as cheque, money orders or bank transfers. The term is operationally use to this research as the system to perform the payment processing not only for the business but between their customers.  The process helps a faster payment method for the business.

Money Transfer

  • The act of transferring money from one place to another place. This may occur electronically or physically. Operationally, the term “money transfer” refers to one of the payment options of the customers who will do the online reservation for their party needs.  After the items have been confirmed, the customer needs to process the payment through money transfer.  They can send money thru online banking or to the companies facilitate money transfer like Western Union and many other local money transfer companies.

Credit Card

  • The term conceptually means is a small plastic card issued by a bank, business, etc., allowing the holder to purchase goods or services on credit. This study used the term to define one of payment options to confirm the purchase, by using the credit card.  Once the customers have decided to purchase the items, they can use their credit card to process the payment.  The bank is in-charge of posting the customers payment online and charge it automatically the amount to customers account.  This method of payment is one of much easier and faster.


  • A social gathering especially for pleasure or amusement or a group of people who have gathered to celebrate. Operationally, the term is used to this study as the main purpose of the business.  The business provides materials needed to prepare a party.  The host is basically look for materials to design a venue to make the party more colorful and fun.


Review of Related Literature

This chapter discusses concepts and conducted studies related to the phenomenon of online shopping.  The literature reviewed here provided the researcher insights into the subject matter of the present study.  It also provided the researcher information and materials needed in the formulation and development of the data-gathering instrument. This review consists of books, articles, documents that focus on the same subject matter or other concepts of the study.

 Local Studies

Geancyfood Online Reservation System

Geancyfood Online Reservation System is an online web-based system wherein clients can make catering reservations through online. The system can help the catering administration manage their filter, monitor, and store and secure of all the reservations records. The system will help the administration in making their work easy and fast such as updating, adding new menu, and printing of records since all the files will be stored in the database. It is more secure in an automated online system and it is more reliable in processing reports and records of the reservation than using manual based. The system allows clients to check their reservations and availability whenever they are online and can make catering reservations right away. Only the authorized personnel can access the system with the use of its username and password for the security purposes.

Author: Nico A. Brigula. (October 2016)

BR Chua Enterprises Inc. Online Shopping Cart

Shopping is very important in our daily life, especially to those who love to shop some furniture, Whenever we need, we usually move to shopping complex. Day by day, a large amount of consumers increased in shopping area. As a result, to provide a better consumer services and satisfaction. Thus, consumers are not required to physically visits to shops to make a purchase including spend to find out specific products, wait for a long queue for payment.The purpose of this research is to design an interactive online shopping system that can satisfy consumers to buy products and which system will save cost, fewer employees, reduce administration work and less time.The system online shopping cart made for BR Chua Enterprises Inc. was one way of enhancing the business competitively. Though the only problem was their usage of manual inventory system, it was decided to make a system that can really help it compete globally. Since BR Chua Enterprises Inc. produces high quality and low-price kind of made-to-order furniture. It helps customers to shop conveniently and accessibly. It helps customers to choose items they desire to buy. It could also generate bills and update records automatically. It was also capable of maintaining various records and storing all day-to-day transactions.

Author: Julie O. Baritos (March 2012)

Foreign Studies

 Online Shopping

According to Naresh Prajapati,(March 22, 2012) An online shopping system that permits a customer to submit online orders for items and/or services from a store that serves both walk-in customers and online customers. The online shopping system presents an online display of an order cut off time and an associated delivery window for items selected by the customer. The system accepts the customer’s submission of a purchase order for the item in response to a time of submission being before the order cut off time. The online shopping system does not settle with a credit supplier of the customer until the item selected by the customer is picked from inventory but before it is delivered. Therefore, the customer can go online and make changes to the order. In addition, available service windows are presented to the customer as a function of customer selected order and service types and further, the order picking is assigned in accordance with a picker’s preference. When ordering goods, many shopping systems provide a virtual shopping cart for holding items selected for purchase. Successive items selected for purchase are placed into the virtual shopping cart until a customer completes their shopping trip. Virtual shopping carts may be examined at any time, and their contents can be edited or deleted at the option of the customer. Once the customer decides to submit a purchase order, the customer may print the contents of the virtual shopping basket in order to obtain a hard copy record of the transaction.

Online Ordering System of LIDO Enterprise

Online Ordering System of LIDO Enterprise is an web-based system that helps LIDO Enterprise to manage their business digitally, and allow customer to make order online. As a fast growing company, online enterprise system becoming a need compared to manual method. Therefore, this system has been developed to helps LIDO Enterprise to manage their sales and services online .It is a better approach to optimize the relationship between LIDO Enterprise and customers. There are two target users in this system, admin staff and the customers of LIDO Enterprise. The system consists of ten modules: login and registration, customize stock specification, manage order and profile, search product, manage stock and specification, approve order, advisory administration for admin side function and Live Chat. Rapid Application Development (RAD) model has been used in this project. The four phases are requirements planning, user design, construction and cutover. The implementation of interface and coding to each module in the system has been completed. The testing shows that the acceptance criteria of the system has achieve the objectives of this project.

Author: Shamsor Masra Othman(Mar 03, 2015)

Table 1: Related System

Features Wrinkles Balloon and Party Needs 1st Local 2nd Local 1st Foreign 2nd Foreign

Ordering is Convenient

/ / / x x
Generates Report / / / / /
Keep track of all the records and secure them / / x / /
Helps customer for online ordering. / x / / /
Avoid loss of data / / / / x
Simplified ordering process. / / x / x
System reports print / / x / /


The system we are making has many similarities to the ones on the local and foreign studies.. Both local and foreign has many features similar to our system because all the system that we include in this synthesis aims to help save lives. The same practice is is being observed by both Local and Foreign studies. Compared to manual processing of transactions and records of online ordering can be a hassle and time consuming.

In connection to the proposed system, the system will be used by the Wrinkles Balloons and Party Needs System. This related system will be the basis of the proponents to develop this Wrinkles Balloons and Party Needs System.


This chapter explains the methods and procedures being followed in the research project.  This chapter reviews the research approach used to carry out the study, the research respondents, and the research methods to be used for conducting the study.  It also includes an overview of how to treat research data gathered by the researchers.

SDLC Planning Phase

SDLC Planning Phase

SDLC Planning Phase

Research Design

This research study aims to determine the online reservation for party needs and a hassle-free ordering and reservation of party needs for customers; the online ordering system will save customer’s time and faster shopping of the items needed for the party; actual picture and details of items without visiting the store; to help customers choose the right items they wanted because of wide variety of products on the website; to help customers through suggestions of related theme they wanted for the party; to increase productivity of the business through visiting the website because  of easier purchasing process and reservations; to make the business available anytime, anywhere for customers even holidays and weekends; part of the service is the tracking system to monitor their orders for delivery; and for easy payment process of the customers. The market research method is used for this study.

Market research is used to identify potential markets, the needs and wants of each, how those needs and wants can be met, how products and services could be packaged to be most accessible to customers and clients, the best pricing for those products and services, who the competitors are and how best to compete against each,potential collaborators and how to collaborate with each — and many other applications of research. Organizations can conduct this research without having to have advanced skills. This topic aims to explain the most important practices in research that provide the most useful results.

Planning Phase



This phase requires study and analysis culminating in the full project management plan and that may lead to system development activities.  This is where the business starts, planning is to aim the target of the business which is the online ordering system of  party needs.  The system includes the hassle-free shopping, to provide wide variety of items for customers and to increase productivity and profit to the business. In the planning phase, sufficient requirement detail is required to support development of the project’s management plan and permit outside validation of this deliverable.

Analysis Phase



The Analysis Phase is where the project lifecycle begins. The Analysis Phase is where the company break down the deliverable in the high-level Project Charter into the more detailed business requirements. The Analysis Phase is also the part of the project where it will identify the overall direction that the project will take through the creation of the project strategy documents. Gathering requirements is the main attraction of the Analysis Phase. The process of gathering requirements is usually more than simply asking the users what they need and writing their answers down. Depending on the complexity of the application, the process for gathering requirements has a clearly defined process of its own. This process consists of a group of repeatable processes that utilize certain techniques to capture, document, communicate, and manage requirements.

Design Phase



The Design phase is when it will build the plan for how you will take your project through the rest of the SDL process—from implementation, to verification, to release. During the Design phase it will establish best practices to follow for this phase by way of functional and design specifications, and it will perform risk analysis to identify threats and vulnerabilities in your software.

Development Phase



During the development phase, the system developer take the detailed logical information documented in the previous phase and transforms it into machine- executable form, and ensures that all of the individual components of the automated system/application function correctly and interface properly with other components within the system/application.

Testing Phase



Testing is a vital part of software development, and it is important to start it as early as possible, and to make testing a part of the process of deciding requirements. To get the most useful perspective on your development project, it is worthwhile devoting some thought to the entire lifecycle including how feedback from users will influence the future of the application.

Implementation Phase

The Implementation Phase has one key activity: deploying the new system in its target environment. Supporting actions include training end-users and preparing to turn the system over to maintenance personnel. After this phase, the system enters the Operations and Maintenance Phase for the remainder of the system’s operational life. Multiple-release projects require multiple iterations of the Implementation Phase – one for each release.



Maintenance Phase

During the Operations and Maintenance Phase, the information system’s availability and performance in executing the work for which it was designed is maintained. The State realizes the largest value for the system during this phase. System operations continue until the system’s termination date, when the next phase, Disposition, begins.

User’s Acceptance Survey

The most common descriptive methodology is the survey, as when researchers summarize the characteristics (abilities, preferences, behaviors, and so on) of customers.

This online ordering system is created for the benefit of the company also the possible customers, as this system will also serve as a promotion for them because of its easy access in the web.

Operational Feasibility

The researchers will use PHP as the front-end and MySQL as the back-end because they run on any platform, are open source, and free to download. The proponents will enhance and upgrade the current manual system of the company.

Program Environment

Front End


CSS is the language for describing the presentation of Web pages, including colors, layout, and fonts. It allows one to adapt the presentation to different types of devices, such as large screens, small screens, or printers. CSS is independent of HTML and can be used with any XML-based markup language. The separation of HTML from CSS makes it easier to maintain sites, share style sheets across pages, and tailor pages to different environments. This is referred to as the separation if structure (or: content) from presentation.



HTML is the language for describing the structure of Web pages. HTML gives authors the means to:

  • Publish online documents with headings, text, tables, lists, photos, etc.
  • Retrieve online information via hypertext links, at the click of a button.
  • Design forms for conducting transactions with remote services, for use in searching for information, making reservations, ordering products, etc.
  • Include spread-sheets, video clips, sound clips, and other applications directly in their documents.

Back End                                                                        

MySQL is an open source relational database management system. Information in a MySQL  database is stored in the form of related tables. MySQL  databases are typically used for web application development.


PHP is a script language and interpreter that is a freely available and used primarily on Linux Web servers. PHP, originally derived from Personal Home Page Tools, now stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, which the PHP FAQ describes as a “recursive acronym”.


  • Hardware

The proponents decided to use the following hardware for they meet the requirements for the Wrinkles Balloons and Party Needs Online Ordering System.

  1. Seagate 500GB 7200rpm SATA
  2. SONY DRU-870/880S 22X SATA
  3. KINGSTON 2GB 1333 DDR3
  4. Inno3d G210 1GB DDR3 64bit
  5. Intel Dual Core E6600 3.06Ghz 2MB 1066Mhz
  6. 6″Orion L156NW Led Monitor
  7. Keyboard and Mouse
  8. HP Officejet 3608 All-in-One
  • Software

The proponents decided to use the following software for they met the requirements for the Wrinkles Balloons and Party Needs Online Ordering System.

  1. Windows 7 Starter Edition 32 bit (OEM)


Cost Benefit Analysis

Development Cost

Development cost Duration Monthly Cost Total Amount
Programmer 10 Months 1,000 10,000
System Analyst 10 Months 1,200 12,000
Researcher 10 Months 1,000 10,000
Internet Fees 10 Months 1,299 12,990

Total = Php 44,990


This table shows the developmental cost of the researched system. The developmental cost includes the programmer’s salary and the total expenditures in developing the system.

Operational Cost

Operational Cost Duration Monthly Cost Total Amount
Electricity Bill 12 Months 500 6,000
Internet 12 Months 1,299 15,588
Web-hosting 12 Months 130 1,560


Total =Php 23,148

The tables show the operational cost of the researched system. The operational cost covers the maintenance cost and expenditures in implementing the researched system.

Total Cost

Development Cost Php 44,990
Operational Cost Php 23,148
Total Cost Php 68,138


The table shows the total expenditures of the development and operation of the proposed system.


Benefit of the System ( Annually )
Work Efficiency Php 35,000
Data security Php 8,000
Bond Paper Php 1,600
Total Php 44,600

The Benefit shows the probable amount that the company may achieve if the system is going to be implemented. The proponents have researched on what are the presumed amounts or value of each item that will benefit the ordering administration over it`s traditional method per year.




Data Flow Diagram








Field Type Null Key Default Length
ID Int No primary 11
Username Varchar No 50
Password Varchar No 50


Field Type Null Key Default Length
ID Int No primary 11
Name Varchar No 50
Address Text No
ContactNumber Int No 11
City Text No
Province Text No
Email Text No


Field Type Null Key Default Length
ID Int No primary 11
Name Varchar No 50
Category Varchar No 50
Price Int No 11


Field Type Null Key Default Length
ID No primary 11
Customer_id Int No 11
Date date/time No
Shipping_fee Int No 11


Field Type Null Key Default Length
ID Int No primary 11
order_id Int No 11
Product_id Int No 11
Price Int No 11
Quantity Int No 11

Use Case Diagram

Use Case Diagram

Use Case Diagram

Activity Diagram

Activity Diagram

Activity Diagram

Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data

This chapter presents the tabular results of the User’s Survey and the corresponding interpretations conducted for the system.

Figure 8 shows the result from the user’s acceptance survey where in thirty respondents have been tested. Each of the categories was computed. Each computed arranged were created tables below precisely showcase each categories mean.

Respondents Survey

Respondents Survey

Table 18: Survey Result – Effectiveness

  Total Mean Verbal Interpretation
(1) Effectiveness 4.22 Very Satisfied


Table 18 shows that the survey result for the effectiveness of the system’s gathered with a total mean of 4.22 which is interpreted that the user were very satisfied with the system’s, effectiveness after testing it.



Table 19: Survey Result – Efficiency

  Total Mean Verbal Interpretation
(2) Efficiency 4.31 Very Satisfied


Table 19 shows that the user survey result for the system’s gathered a total mean of 4.32 which is interpreted that the user was very satisfied with the system’s efficiency after testing it.


Table 20: Survey Result – Quality

  Total Mean Verbal Interpretation
(3) Quality 4.283 Very Satisfied


Table 20 shows that the user survey result for the system gathered a total mean of 4.283 which is interpreted that the user was very satisfied with the system’s quality after testing it.


Table 21: Survey Result – Timeliness

  Total Means Verbal Interpretation
(4) Timeliness 4.22 Very Satisfied


Table 21 shows that the user survey result for the system gathered a total mean of 4.22 which is interpreted that the user was very satisfied with the system’s timeliness after testing it.

Table 22: Survey Result – Productivity

  Total Mean Verbal Interpretation
(5) Productivity 4.32 Very Satisfied

Table 22 shows that the user survey result for the system gathered a total mean of 4.32 which is interpreted that the user was very satisfied with the system’s productivity after testing it.

The overall system acceptance result, gathering a mean score of 4.31, it suggest that the users were very highly satisfied with its performance in all its aspects.

Summary of the Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations

This chapter presents the summary of the research work undertaken, the conclusions and recommendation

Summary of the Findings

Wrinkles balloons and party needs online ordering system is developed to provide solution to concern the shop. The person who manage or runs the system should have the idea or knowledge about the system. the employees should also have an idea about the system and how it works. The wrinkles balloons and party needs online ordering system needs a browser, xampp application to run the system. The system also needs Internet connection.


The system is very useful to the company and employees. It provides efficiency of generating and updating sales report. It will lessen the employees manual works.



The system, must have a reservation list, and must have packages for the customers who wants to buy package like birthday celebrations, and the most important, the system must have a paypal in order to secure the payment of the customer.

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