Philippine Veterans Affair Office Information and Management System Capstone Project Document


In today’s modern age where computer has become a way of life, it is evident that a majority of country’s institution still don’t adapt the high technology. Particularly in Philippine Veterans Affair Office , the daily transaction are still done on paper or manual process. We all know that the Philippine Veterans Affair Office are now operating at great pace striving to serve many pensioner and beneficiary has been grown that the manual method is no longer practical.

So with that, proponents have decided that they will make an online application and submission form wherein veterans who are going to apply would have an easy way for applying and saves their time instead of going to the office which makes the transaction convenient. The system that the proponents are about to make is not just only for online application, but it also includes profiling, managing transactions.

The importance of studying Philippines Veterans Affairs Office Information and Management System is to monitor the information of their pensioner and beneficiary,  and to manage the transactions. Information and Management System are design to collect the information of the pensioner and to manage every transaction . Also Information and Management System is a computer based system that helps managers to manage and organize the organization easily in which it processes information through computers.

In this study, proponents aim to develop a web-based application that will minimize all paper works and manual record keeping, therefore all the admin and staff can minimize time in monitoring the information of pensioner and beneficiary, reduce waiting time and increase the number of the pensioner and beneficiary served.

Background of the study

Philippine Veteras Affair Office, Monitoring of transaction might be the most important task they should do. Knowledge of how to manage the information of their pensioner for security. Fortunately, all you need to do is follow a few simple step, and you will be able to monitor of the information and to manage the transaction of your pensioner and beneficiary.

Statement of the Objective

This system aims to design and develop an information and management system for the pensioner and beneficiary of the Philippine Verterans Affair Office .

Specifically this study aims:

  • To provide a secured storage of keeping information of PVAO beneficiary and pensioner.
  • To implement an information management system that will handle various application forms offered by the PVAO to their pensioner and beneficiary.
  • Promote the minimal use of papers in delivering PVAO processes to their beneficiary and pensioner.
  • Evaluate the acceptability of the system using the adopted survey instrument based on Lewis, J.R. (1995) Computer System Usability.

Conceptual Framework

Conceptual Framework

Conceptual Framework

The conceptual framework showed the flow of the system and how it will process the data. This study intends to improve the existing manual way of managing the pensioner’s and beneficiary information of Philippine Veterans Affair Office .

Scope and Delimitation of the Study

This section enumerates the scope covered by the study and its delimitation.


The study is focused on providing an effective implementation of an online, web-based system of Philippine Veterans Affair Office information management system. That will handle PVAO pensioners and beneficiaries transaction, managing the submission of application forms such as; burial, educational assistance, death pension and retirement. That can manage information of the pensioners and the beneficiaries of PVAO. This system will send application approval via e-mail. Forms are not downloadable.


The study is limited only to the Philippine Veterans Affair Office of Bacolod City. Pensioner and beneficiary of this area can avail to the function of this study. The feature of this study is  to promote the ease of access to the application of PVAO to its surrounded pensioners and beneficiary to the city.

The study is limited only to the beneficiary and pensioner already applied in Philippine Veterans Affair Office . The System  feature the pensioner and beneficiary record and event this also allows the beneficiary to see what are the benefits they could get. This sytem is not available or accessible using mobile acess.

Significance of the Study

Pensioner and Beneficiary. The study is important  for their access will be more efficient and much easier by using their username and password provided.

Admin. They can manage the transaction more easier and easy to them to make a report.

Philippine Veterans Affair Office. The study is important in a way that the system will helped handling the pensioner and beneficiary information and security of the records.

Proponents. This system will enable the proponents to apply what they have studied and researched. Studying the proposed system will also give them benefits by enhancing their knowledge and skill in developing a system, especially in presenting accurate data

Future Researchers. The study is important for the future reasearchers because they can use this as their reference for their future research.

Definition of Terms

The definitions of terms are based on concepts or hypothetic ones, which are usually taken from the dictionary or web.

Management System

Conceptually, Management system covers every aspect of management and focuses on supporting the performance management to achieve the objectives. The management system should be subject to continuous improvement as the organization learns (Lstevens, 2018).

Operationally, this term used in the study where a set of processes and procedures used by Philippine Veterans Affair Office to ensure that fulfill the tasks required to achieve the objectives.

Information System

Conceptually,  information system is defined as the software that helps organize and analyze data. So, the purpose of an information system is to turn raw data into useful information that can be used for decision making in an organization ( Zandbergen, 2019).

Operationally,  this term reference to information and the complementary networks of hardware and software of Philippine Veterans Affair Office  use to collect, process, create and distribute data of the system develope.


Conceptually, A person who has specific controls to a forum/website/etc. that allows them to control the forum/website/etc (Zandbergen, 2019).

Operationally, the one who use to manage the Philippine Veterans Affair Office Information and Management  System.



Conceptually,  also called electronic database, any collection of data, or information, that is specially organized for rapid search and retrieval by a computer. Databases are structured to facilitate the storage, retrieval, modification, and deletion of data in conjunction with various data-processing operations

Operationally , this term used in the study where all the data are stored such as the pensioner and beneficiay information and records.

Review Of Related Literature

This chapter primarily presents an overview of different researches and other literature from both foreign and local types of research that will explain the different concept, ideas and different development related to the study of Information and Management System which will serve as a guide for the researchers in developing the project. This chapter will help as well in familiarizing information that is related and similar to the present study.

Local Studies

Related Local Studies is a study that developed within the country that helps the proponents to enchance the system that being develop . A Information and Management Sytem is a software application for PVAO establishments to manage data. Also this system provide the information of the pensioner and the system help the organization to prevent the unorganized file or data of the pensioner.

Records Management Information System with SMS Notification System

Great Domestic Insurance Company of the Philippines is one of the country’s leading and oldest Non-Life Insurance Company. It was formerly known as Domestic Insurance Company of the Philippines and was incorporated on July 3, 1946. For how many years of service, more and more people have become their clients and for that reason the business transactions became slow to accommodate every client they have. At the present, they would still rely on the Microsoft Excel Applications for the storage of their data. In addition, for every client that the agencies have, that particular agency would send all those records of policies of their clients to the main office; all those records are re-encoded by their underwriter. Due to some problems, the proponents were challenged to develop their Records Management System and Online Inquiry. Through the use of Web Engineering process model, the system was able to generate monthly reports on time (KITE-E learning Solution, Inc 2019).

NBI Clearance Online  Application and Registration Step-by-Step Process

A few years ago, getting a National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance requires you to go to your nearest NBI office and to wait in line. With many government transactions going the Internet route, you can now apply for an NBI clearance online. This article will teach you the NBI online application process as well as the NBI clearance requirements.

Last year, the NBI implemented the “no appointment, no entry” policy for NBI clearance applications and registrations. All NBI clearance applicants are advised to register online and set their appointment date in advance. No appointment will be available on the date of application (Medilo,  December 17, 2018).

Information Technology (PHILIPPINE VETERANS BANK)

In 2017 marked a busy season for the Information Technology Group (ITG), which enhanced its IT infrastructure and rolled out new and upgraded systems for greater business efficiency and customer experience. ITG enabled PVB to comply with various regulatory requirements involving security and fraud protection. ITG also enhanced the Bank’s loans collection system for effective management via accurate recording and monitoring of related efforts (Reginaldo, 2017).

Foreign Related Studies

Related foreign Studies is the basis of the proponents how the system will run. This system been developed outside the country that allamosy have the same system and fuctionalities. Information and management system takes a very significantrole in management life . It greatly affects and interferes in the planning and management decision the development of the new service and products


Metadata management system for an information dispersed storage system

Stands an information dispersal system in which original data to be stored is separated into a number of data “slices” in such a manner that the data in each subset is less usable or less recognizable or completely unusable or completely unrecognizable by itself except when combined with some or all of the other data subsets. These data subsets are stored on separate storage devices as a way of increasing privacy and security. A metadata management system stores and indexes user files across all of the storage nodes. The management system stores data for dispersed data .

Business Information Sciences Emphasizing Digital Marketing as an Emerging Field of Business & IT: A Study of Indian Private Universities

Informatics is an interdisciplinary area and domain responsible for information related affairs with the help of technologies; particularly Information Technologies and Computing. Business Informatics initially was termed and popularized as a practicing area for the business affairs. Gradually the concept developed as a branch of study. The concept of Business Informatics was first introduced in Germany. Business Informatics is a combination of Business Studies/ Management with Information Science/Informatics. There are many related fields of Business Informatics viz. Information Systems, IT Management, Organizational Informatics etc. As the terms Informatics and Information Science are synonyms in many contexts, business informatics can also be called with nomenclature as Business Information Science. The branch of Information Science is a field of fields and thus it is also currently called as Information Sciences (the plural). Hence the branch of Business Information Science may also be called as a broad one with the nomenclature ‘Business Information Sciences’. The nomenclature Business Information Science with a degree in India is not yet started though as far as knowledge mapping is concerned the field may be designated with the nomenclature associated with Business and IT. In this respect, the subjects and programs like Information Systems, IT Project, Information Technology Management may be considered as important and vital for the field as ‘Business Information Sciences’. India is rapidly moving in higher education segment and thus many new branches have been developed and started in recent past and among these, Digital Marketing is an important one. Here in this paper an investigation and observation have been undertaken to learn about the Digital Marketing as a branch Interdisciplinary Sciences in Private Universities in India.

(S. Bhowmick, 2018)

Management Information System

Management Information Systems often referred to as MIS is the people-oriented use of computers in business. MIS is both a field of study and a career path. It combines the foundations of computing, analysis, and business in to one field of study. MIS is a major that is growing in popularity; however, it is still unknown to many undergraduates. This thesis includes both research and creative aspects. The information gathered by research was used to generate the requirements for an information at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI). This portal is directed towards three primary audiences: prospective students, current students, and alumni. The portal provides information relating to what MIS is, why to choose MIS as a major, what MIS majors can do, and what the MIS program at UNI entails. In addition, the portal provides current undergraduates with key resources for success such as potential employers, what alumni have done, and job opportunities (Benjamin Richard Lahue, 2014).

Related Systems

Related System

Related System

Table 1: Shows features of the proposed system in the first column, whereas the following columns are the features of the related systems.


The current study is developed and were based from both local and foreign that the proponents have reviewed and studied. These existing studies that reviewed were found deficient in producing reliable information. In this note the proponents decided to fill deficiencies of the studied and reviewed system.

These related system have been a basis in developing the Philippine Veterans Affair Office Information and Management System for making the task easier. From this related studies the proponents will recognize the factors that would support the security and efficiency of deliverable from the system study.

Furthermore, the mentioned related studies raised the opportunities for articulating a critical analysis of the actual function of the proposed system that will result in an efficient and effective operation of the system.


The purpose of this chapter is to exhibit system flow and strategies connected in this study. The Proponents pursued the standard software development life cycle(SDLC), to show and present the answers for the issues recognized , using Rapid application development (RAD). James Martin invented rapid application development in 1991, as a response to the inadequacies of the Waterfall methodology for developing software.

Rapid Application Development

Rapid Application Development

The development process is the arrangement of exercises that aides the development software. A software development process model is separated in to various activities. Basic activities of a software engineering processes are as follows;

Phase 1 : Requirements Planning

Meeting with the project leader, researcher and the programmer to discuss the needs, projects scope and requirements of the system that need to be developed. The proponents plan to seek existing system and its features, after that the proponents study a new development from the existing system. The proponents found out that the existing system needs to developed more and to upgrade its features in order to keep up with the new trends in information technology.

 Phase 2 : User design

The proponents design the process where the Philippine Veterans Affair Office see a working prototype and give input on new requirement to the changes and newly developed system. The proponents has come up an idea to design the most simplest interface to get the attention, in line with that the proponents used the green and white color to be more readable. In our proposed system the applicants and Philippine Veternas Affair Office could easily use the system .

Phase 3 : Rapid Construction

The proponents develop first the back end portion of the system including the maintenance and databases of the system. The proponents makes sure that all data gathered from the pharmacy was filled out in the system’s database including the customers data, pharmacy data and medicines data. Consequently, the proponents construct the desired design of the system to see the output of the maintenance are functional. In the admin page, the administrator could view the registered admin user. The proponents designed that the admin user only could add, edit and delete in the admin page.

Phase 4 : Cutover

In this phase the proponents proposed system presented to the customer for consideration through evaluation of the proposed system and recognize Philippine Veterans Affair Office the strengths and weaknesses. Comments and suggestions that we collect from the applicants to upgrade of system in order to meet the objectives. The proponents allow the appllicants evaluates the proposed system for the satisfaction need, the recent proposed system is refined according to the customer requirements, then the proponents will enhance accordingly.

Technical Feasibility


System Development Hardware Software

System Development Hardware Software


System Implementation Hardware

System Implementation Hardware

Front End


The proponents uses JavaScript a high-level, dynamic, un typed, and interpreted programming language. JavaScript is prototype-based with first-class functions, making it a multi-paradigm language, supporting object-oriented, imperative, and functional programming styles. It has an API for working with text, arrays, dates and regular expressions, but does not include any I/O, such as networking, storage, or graphics facilities, relying for these upon the host environment in which it is embedded. A JavaScript function is a block of code designed 24 to perform a particular task.

Back End


The proponents used MySQL because this database framework utilized with PHP. MySQL is a database framework utilized on the web. It is a database framework that keeps running on a server. It is perfect for both little and substantial applications. MySQL is exceptionally quick, dependable, and simple to utilize. It underpins standard SQL. It accumulates on various stages, it is likewise allowed to download and utilize.


PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language. Originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994, the PHP reference implementation is now produced by The PHP Group.

Architectural Diagram

Architectural Diagram

Architectural Diagram

Figure 3 displays thes structural design of the system wherein the pensioner and beneficiary has all the access in the system like to login and register in this system .

Feasibility Schedule

The feasibility schedule contains the record of the amount of time

the proponents spent on the system.

Gantt Chart   

The following tables show the Gantt chart of the tasks that have been done by the proponents with the time allotted for the establishment of the entire system.

Work Breakdown

Work Breakdown

Work Breakdown

Cost Benefit Analysis

To assess the project feasibility, proponents have to analyzethe costs and benefits associated with the proposed project. Cost Benefits Analysis is the estimated cost and sum of the amount cost and benefits of the system, to determine whether the company can gain benefit from the system.

Developmental Cost

Developmental Cost

This table shows the Development Cost of the researched system. This also includes the workstations and expenditures in developing the proposed system. The following costs where based on a particular legit websites to support the claims with regards to cost provided. According to (“Salary For PROGRAMMER |,” n.d.)a year experienced programmer can earn about 10,000 .00 monthly and  the same website also specified that a experienced System Analyst can earn about 15,000 .00 monthly.  In the other hand, prices for Computers was based on the (“Computers prices in the Philippines 2018.,” n.d.), as this website showcase the present prices of the following devices.

Operational Cost

Operational Cost

This table shows the Operational cost of the researched system. The Operational Cost includes the maintenance cost and expenditures in using the proposed system.. The following costs where based on a particular legits websites to support the claims with regards to cost provided, as this website shows the current accurate prices of the following expenses. For electrical consumption of computers, the calculation was according to (“wattmatters | Consumption Calculator,” n.d.)As the electricity cost was based on the wattage of a regular computer (60 Watts) and hour use per day. Then the daily consumption result (5.00) will be base on the current electricity price of CENECO multiplied to 30 days (1 month) to get the total monthly electrical consumption. For internet cost, the price was based according to the latest internet promo prices of PLDT( Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company.) Lastly, for Maintenance, the cost was determined by estimating the minimum amount a programmer can demand after the maintenance is done. The maintenance price will be vary depends on the gravity of repairs.

Benefit of the System

Benefit of the System

This table shows the computed benefits of the researched system to the Philippine Vaterans Affair Office . The proponents have researched on what are the presumed amounts or value of each item that will benefit the Philippine Vaterans Affair Office over its traditional method per year.  Presumed value was base on how much the Philippine Vaterans Affair Office can save due to lower operating cost, data back up, efficient work Output and more.

Total Developmental Cost

Total Developmental Cost

This table shows the total amount of Development and Operational Cost of the proposed system.

Cost Benefit

Cost Benefit

This table shows the feasibility of our proposed program. Return on Investment is derived from subtracting the Present Value (PV) of the System Cost from Present Value (PV) of System Benefit and dividing the quotient to Prevent Value of System Cost.

522,482.03 – 391,522.94 = 130,959.09

130,959.09 /391,522.94 =33%

To get the Payback Period, add the abs value of Negative Net Present Value (NPV) to 1 then divide it to the Net Present Value (NPV) (Year 1)

1 + abs value of -267,990.00 / 79,907.10 = 3.3538

          The solution shows that the Payback Period of the proposed system will take about 3 years, 4 month and 7 days.Furthermore, this analysis explains that the proposed system could thoroughly provide a benefit to the Philippine Veterans Affair Office at a reliable period of time.

Data Flow Diagram

Context Diagram of the System

Context Diagram of the System

Data Flow Diagram

Data Flow Diagram

Data Dictionary

Each user of the Philippine Veterans Affair Office Information and Management System has many fields corresponding to each user’s information. The following tables will assist the user to know what each field signify.

Admin Table

Admin Table

User Table

User Table

Application Table

Application Table

Burial Table

Burial Table

Death Pension

Death Pension

Death Pension

Death Pension




Age Pension

Old Age Pension

Old Age Veteran

Old Age Veteran

Old Age Veteran

ERD Model



Figure 5: Entity Relationship Diagram

Entity Relationship Diagram explains every relationship of table’s entity and attributes in a database. Tables are connected by the use of attributes called the Primary and Foreign Keys. Each attribute connects in performing every process. The proponents used and follow the Crow’s

Foot Entity Relationship Diagram notations that was initially developed by Gordon Everest.

Presentation, Analysis, And Presentation Of Data

This chapter exhibits the results of the User’s Survey conducted for the system to the pensioner and beneficiary of Philippine Veterans Affairs Office and PVAO coordinators, admins and staffs.

The proponents demonstrate the system’s functionality to the randomly selected respondents. The proponents observed the respondents on how they response to the system. The respondents were evaluated using the User Acceptance Survey in order for the respondents to distinguish the level of acceptability of the proposed system.

The development of Philippine Veterans Affairs Office Information and Management System provides an Online Application for new Applicant and Monitoring of Pensioners’ Account. (figure 6) shows the applicant should register or create an account first. After that (Figure 7) shows, that the admin should sign up first before doing the transaction. (figure 8) there are applicants and user registrations’ table. The admin monitors If there are new applicants applied or new user registered. (Figure 9), homepage or the initial or main page of PVAO website. In (figure 10), the proponents show various benefit forms wherein they could apply for a specific benefit. (In figure 11), The admins are able to know how many members they already have. In this figure, it also shows that the admin only have the control to approve or delete someone’s account.

Applicants Registration

Applicants Registration

Administrators Registration

Administrators Registration





Benefits form

Benefits form

Membership Table

Membership Table

To answer the objective 2, the researcher conducted a survey with regard to Perceived Usefulness and Ease of Use (Davis, 1989) and Computer System Usability (Lewis, 1995). According to Davis, Perceived Usefulness is the degree to which a person believes that using a particular system would enhance his/her job performance. On the other hand, the ease of use refers to the degree to which a person believes that using a particular system would be  51 free from effort. Computer System Usability (Lewis, 1995) refers to the degree to which software can be used by specified consumers to achieve quantified objectives. It also refers to the ease of use and learnability of a system or software in connection with the user.

Table 8  Scale for evaluating Perceived Usefulness and Ease of Use and Computer System Usability


 Mean Score Range



3.26-4.00 Strongly Agree
2.51-3.25 Agree
1.76-2.50 Disagree
1.00-1.75 Strongly Disagree


A table showing the mean results of Perceived Usefulness and Ease of Use.

Table 9:  Mean Results of Perceived Usefulness, Ease of Use and Usability

N Mean Std. Deviation Interpretation
Perceived Usefelness 3 3.39 0.518 Strongly Agree
Perceived Ease of Use 3 3.11 0.101 Agree
Perceived Usability 30 3.45 0.133 Strongly Agree

The mean result of Perceived Usefulness. The Perceived usefulness has a mean of 3.39 interpreted as Strongly Agree. The results showed that the users/employees believed that using the system/software would enhanced job performance. According to (Davis, 1989), people are generally reinforced for good performance by raises, promotions, bonuses, and other rewards. A system high in perceived usefulness, in turn, is one for which a user believes in the existence of a positive use performance relationship.

The mean result of Perceived Ease of Use. The perceived ease of use has a mean of 3.11 interpreted as Agree. The results showed that the users/employees believed that using the system/software, it would reduced their work effort. According to (Davis, 1989), it is the degree to which a person believes that using a particular system would be free of effort. With this the application perceived to be easier to use and is more likely to be accepted by users.

The mean results of Computer System Usability. The computer system usability has a mean of 3.45 interpreted as Strongly Agree. The results showed that the users/members believed that the system/software can be used by users/members to achieved quantified objectives or can provide the users/members ease of use when using the system/software. It can also be interpreted according to ISO 9241-11, the extent to which a product can be used by specified users to achieve specified goals with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction in a specified context of use.

Summary Of Findings, Conclusion And Recommendation

Summary of Findings

The present investigation has the following findings:

  1. The Perceived Usefulness has a result of Strongly Agree on which implied the enhancement of job performance of the users/employees.
  2. Perceived Ease of Use has a result of Agree which implied that using a particular system would be free of effort (effortless).
  3. Perceived Usability has a result of Strongly Agree which implied that using the system can achieve specified goals with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction on the side of the users/members.


Based on the interpretation discussed in the preceding chapter, the following conclusions has arrived:

  1. The users strongly agree that the systems develop provide usefulness on the user/employee when implemented and use.
  2. The users strongly agree that the implementation and use of the system provide ease of use on the user/admin.
  3. Finally, the users strongly agree that the implementation and use of the system provide usability on the user/members which means that the user/members find it easy to accomplished basic tasks and how quickly they can perform this tasks.


From the findings and conclusions of the study, the following recommendations are suggested:

  1. The cooperative may conduct training to the employees and members for the familiarization of the system especially during data entry of the


  1. The cooperative may continue to update the system which may help to maximize its potential and improve its security and efficiency.
  2. The may implement different types oftesting such as Stress Test, Load Test and other related tests of the system to verify its accuracy and to check for errors that may occur during the process.

4. The system shall have proper maintenance for every 10 months to update and sustain the function and also for the sercurity of its database.


Aguilar, Rey Joseph, B.

Guanzon, Martin Vill, E.

Esclares, Mayce Gel, A.

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