Employee Record System Capstone Project Document


Today is the world of computer. Everything is becoming computerized in style. This project is based on the ‘Employee Information System’. We can handle each and every process coming in the way of managing. This project is about to maintain the records of Employees and their salary module with the help of computer terminal. User can update, delete as well as modify information related to it.

Employee Record Maintenance system is one of the most important parts of very organization comprising of various skills. All the employees of the organization will have to be paid for their services to the organization. It also keeps rack of number of employees in the organization it is the “wage accounting system” that’s accounts for the salary to be distributed among the different employees according to their efficiencies. It also records the statistical particulars of each and every employee if the organization that may be of much concern to the organization in the nearly future. The system is also aware of the basic salary to be paid to each employee and the rates and terms for surely, these differ accordingly as the basic pay and the organization.

The existing system maintains all the records computerized all the data is operated on to provide the pay slips for each employee. All the required data is entered in the computer. Different types of required program are to be made the salary of each employee. The data related to employee record system is stored in the memory of computer.

The different sets of employee record system maintained by the employee based the different laws of the country one set is maintained for the staff/officers and another set is for workman category.

Employee management system is one of the most important parts of very organization comprising of various skills. All the employees of the organization will have to be paid for their services to the organization. It also keeps rack of number of employees in the organization it is the “wage accounting system” that’s accounts for the salary to be distributed among the different employees according to their efficiencies. It also records the statistical

particulars of each and every employee if the organization that may be of much concern to

Objective Of The Project

The system analyst must be aware of exactly what the user requires from the new system. That is management grades as objectives must be fully known and understood. After reviewing the objectives of the current system. It is quite possible that he or she may be aware of the computer capabilities that can be utilized to develop the system which can fulfill the requirements. The main objectives of the proposed system are as follows:-

  • To save the time.
  • To reduce paper and file work.
  • To speed up the procedure.
  • To relieve the management from repetitive work.
  • To enable efficient and accurate reporting.
  • To have a flexible system that can adjust changes in future.
  • To make the decision making process easy for management.
  • For fast retrieval of information.
  • For better presentation of report.

Existing System

There are three main employees

1)        Permanent (P)

2)        Apparition (A)

3)        Temporary (T)

Each of this type consist of workers (W) and staff (S) on the basis at the pay employees are categorized as:


These are paid according to the grades with increments band special increments from time to time. It includes all the categories like P,A,T and W as well as S.


These employee are paid on consolidated bases DA is fixed for permanent workers, it change every month on the basis at price index, which is announced on monthly basis by directorate consumer’s price index, in Shimla. These also includes P, A, T as well as S categories.


It stores the name of the employees.


It stores the name of father.


Registration ID is the permanent control of the employee. It never changes or it always remains constant. It always increased in sequences. If the new admission nos is allocated to him will remain in sequence. If retirement and allocation takes place the same registration no. can not be allocated to other.


It signifies the post of the employees. According to the post of the employee in the organization a is given named as designation code.


Basic pay is given according to the designation of the employees, grades of the employees  according  to  their  designations  are  decided  this  also  includes  information regarding the annual increments given the employees at the time of appointment starting basic pay the scale is given. But with each year increment is given to the basic. It can be moved maximum up to the upper limit of the pay scale.


It is a number which is given to all employees. It works as identification no. of that employee. It is unique for all employees. It is generated by computer with the addition of each new employee.


This is calculated on the basis of paper production every on machine no 1, 2, and 4 payable to all permanent employees.

Percent of this based on the basis Pay +DA. It declares on the basis of the production incentive amount.

This is also production bones on the production or machine no. 5, 6 & 7 in specially department. A pooled amount is distributed on the basis of basic pay + DA (employee’s state insurance).

All the workers who are drawing salary below Rs. 6500/- are covered as under ESI. Employee contribute 2.25% share at the gross salary.


At the rate of Rs. 5pm. it is deducted from all the employees fund created used for the employee’s phase’ chronic diseases.


This fund is created by the deduction at Rs.3/-pm for all permanent workers. This provides interest free loan at the rate of Rs. 1000/-. It emergent cases like treatment of wife, child, domestic problems etc. in case of death at workers to give relief for financial meet Rs.

1250/- is payable on the time of retirement. Money is also spent on blood banks and sports from this fund.


There are different types of allowances given to both types of employee’s these are :

Dearness Allowance (DA) :

DA increases or decreases every month on the basis of Potato and Onion. If the price of potato and onion will rise then DA will rise and vice – versa. One DA point is = Rs. 7/-. If in a month 20 points increases then it means that employee will get Rs. 140/- as DA. Those who get Da received only increment in a year that incremented merge with basic that is less than 100 Rs.

House Rent Allowance (HRA) :

HRA given to those employee who are not provided house facility. The rate of HRA

is 12.5% of the basic salary.

If is fixed in the union arrangement with the employer. The permanent and electrical workers who are living outside of the mills colony are getting Rs. 105/- pm. the member of staff are getting HRA according to their grades.

City Conveyance Allowance (CCA) :                                                                                   CCA given to both types of employees with the different rate. Those who get only basic salary get 5% of the basic as CCA and those employees who get basic +DA gets 2.5% of the basic salary as CCA.

Medical Allowance (MA) :

Medical allowances given only those employees who get gross salary more than Rs.

6500 they get 5% of their basic.

Washing Allowance (WA):

Washing allowances given it those employees who get basic +da. WA is not more than Rs. 50 to 100.


Employees get three types of leaves in year. They get 8 sick leaves, 7 causal leaves and 30 privilege leaves in a year. The year starts from April Ist to march 31st. there is no extra payment to employee if they does not use their sick leaves and causal leaves within a year.


Company announced bonus in his first annual general meeting. They provided bones

facilities to both types of employees. Company is liable to pay the fixed bonus to their employees either company is going in profit or not.


Bonus on profit means company announcer some percentage of their extra profit as bonus which distributes in employees. Extra profit means that profit which is more than their estimated profit. For egg if any company announced that they earned Rs. 1200000 in this case company will distribute Rs. 200000 which is extra profit in their employees in that rate which  they  announced company is  not  liable  to  pay bonus  on  profit.  There  are  more allowances given to both types of employees like cycle/scooter allowance, special allowance, other allowances etc.


There are different types of deductions made by company from salary payable to the employees.


Company deducts some part of employees salary as a provident fund. When the employee retired from the company, company returns his/her provident fund with interest. INCOME  TAX :

Management deducts income tax from employee’s salaries and gives to govt. Income

tax deduct only those employees who get gross salary more then Rs. 60000 per year. Income tax deducts on the basis of income tax rates


Company provides ESI facilities to its employees. For providing this facility deduct some part of employees salary, company deduct 1.75% of gross salary as ESI of those employees whose gross salary is less than Rs. 6500.


If any employee has taken loan from company, company deducts some part of his/her salary as loan installment with interest. Company also deducts electricity charges, guest house charges club dues etc.


An important feature of all business organization is that it employs people and makes a workforce. The workforce consists of people of wide range of skills as manual, technical and managerial. The common factor of the entire workforce is their demand to be paid for

their efforts and hence it makes the existence of personal administration system. This system

will have well organized employee record system system. This system provides information regarding the employee’s personal attributes, capabilities and terms of employment. The employee record system system is means of knowing how much to pay each employee at each  occasion  and  of  accounting  for  the  monies.  Employee  record    system  may  be performing following tasks.

Computation of each employees gross salary earnings, wages & salary.

Computation of net payment based on gross earnings.

Accounting for amounts deducted from earnings.

First step is dependent upon the employee’s terms of payment. It case of staff monthly salary is one twelfth of their annual salary + commission or bonus to which they are emitted. Thus very little computation is required.

On the other hand certain type of annual workers has complicated were structure. Because their earnings may depends upon no of workers worked in various time period with different hourly rate for each period. Piece workers are so called because all or some of their earnings depends upon the amount of work done.

The computation of net payments is more standardized than that of gross wages, being  mainly  the  calculation  of  deduction  such  as  income  tax   national  insurance contributions, and superannuation (pension) payments and so on.

Another problem of net wage distribution is note/coin analysis. This applies the employees are paid in cash in contrast to cheques or credits transfers. The problem is in determining the precise number of denominations of banks note and coin needed to make up all the pay packets (wages envelopes) so that the packets contains the exact net amount.


Distribution of monies of employees as their cash, cheques or credit transfer.  The entry of correct amount in to the nominal ledger to cover subsequent payments.


It is a pay slip for each employee on which are the precise details of the pay for the

period. It shows the gross earning and how it is composed i.e. each amount deducted and the

net amount. It also contains employee’s number name department, name tax code, national insurance number and date.

Audit and Control Documents :

Employee record   need to be carefully controlled and checked as large money is involved. The various documents described above need to be supplemented by nets of totals so that if as discrepancy arises it are not too difficult to trace. This is particularly important where cash is involved.

Wages Records :

It is important to maintain a record for each employee containing full absolutely full accurate details of pay details. The record must be kept into date in terms of amendments as well as updating of totals to date. Amendments include changes in gross wages, tax code, and

department bank and so on.

Limitation Of Existing System

Initially before coming up of computers, the data processing activities face many problems such as inaccuracy, inefficiency, delay and improper record maintain.

Current status:   In  the  existing system, if  user wants to  see  what is  current status of appointments and information about friends than it is difficult to see and maintain this manually.

Duplication: In the existing system, all the data is maintained in different files and registers. This often leads to data duplication and redundancy in the stored data. Thus leading to wastage of storage of space.

Inaccuracy: In the existing system information about appointments and personal information about friends can be inaccurate, which results in to slow access to the desired information. The inaccuracy which is caused is due to manual storage of data.

Inconsistency:   Presently the  system  is  not  aware  of  the  duplication  of  data,  they  are maintaining the record manually which results in the total being in excess of what it should be. In such situation, the data is said to be inconsistent, which supplies incorrect information.

Problem of updation: In the manual system, since every thing is stored in the diary, it is quite difficult and time consuming to update the records. The major problem is the modification that must be reflected in all the entries

and summarizes also needed to be updated.

System Analysis & Design


System designing is a process that has to be rendered by the system analyst. He/she studies the manual system and the output coming then he/she designs the output on the output graph chart for the programmer. Besides this the analyst has to document the existing system to design the input and codes which a programmer uses in this program.

In this project there are for major designing phases these are :


The software Project management process begins with a set of activities that are collectively called project planning. The first of these activities is estimation. The second task of estimation of resources required to accomplish the software development effort.

The objective of software project planning is to provide a framework that enables a manager to make reasonable estimates of the Resources, Cost and Schedule. The project planning took into account the following phases:

Analysis Phase

It includes the study of the problem i.e. mobile automation and creation of the customer requirements specification document. It also involves the study of the various tools required for implementing the problem such as device driver programming tools.

Design Phase

It is the project demand that we first specify a structured design with an initial design document (Known as High level Design) and in the second step, prepare a detailed design. Specify the functional modules and functional refinement.

Implementation Phase

It is the project requires the design of the system developed in the design phase of the project to be implemented and coded. The driver modules defined in the design phase are to be

coded in C language.

Testing Phase

It includes the conformance of the acceptance criteria set down in the customer requirements specification.

Integration Phase

It requires the integration of the various modules developed in the project implementation phase into the main project module.

  1. A) Input design B) Output design C) File design
  2. D) System flow chart

These phases are performed in a sequence called steps which are simply defining the growth of project at design/run time.



Input design

An input is a raw data having movement towards the cpu input files specify the addition for unique code with a detailed information and also permits about modification and removal of existing records from the data base. In my project the following inputs are required for the maintenance of employee record system. The input required are as follows :

  1. Code of employee
  1. Name of employee
  1. Address of employee
  1. City name of employee
  1. Pincode of employee’s city
  1. Phone number of employee
  1. Designation of employee
  1. Sex of employee
  1. Whether the HRA is provided
  1. Whether the Conveyance Allowance is provided
  1. Basic salary of employee
  1. Pf of employee
  1. HRA given to employee
  1. CA given to employee
  1. DA given to employee

Output design

Output has been designed after rectification in the manual outputs formats as shown in reports. In my project the displayed figures with colours is the output given to user.

In c by using different formatting library functions   we are able to generate at specified mannered output for end user


Employee Code # 3


Name        : AMIT MALIK          …….. Sex (M/F) : M Address     : JDH                 ……..     City     : YNR

Pin Code    : 135001                         Phone No. : 225533

—————————————————————————- JOINING DATE

Day  : 2               Month : 2              Year : 1998

—————————————————————————- Designation : SR

—————————————————————————- Accomodation (y/n) : Y                Conveyance (y/n) : Y

—————————————————————————- Basic Salary                           (Rs)     :  5000

Provident Fund                       (%)     :  10

Daily Allowance                    (%)     :  8

House Rent Allowance          (%)     :  6 …

Conveyance Allowance         (%)     : 15

Do you wish to save (y/n) :y

File design

This is the most important part of the system design. System design is based system analysis. This phase of designing shows the process of data files used to store required data in a desired format on secondary storage devices all the bits represent the length of fields where each field is terminated at its length and next to this each record terminated either by fixed length or by eol (end of line) pointer. The following are the files which are used to store the record of each person

struct employee


int  empcode, dd, mm, yy ;

char empname[31], empaddress[31], empcity[21], emppin[7] ;

char empphone[10], empdesig[21] ;

char emphouse, empconv, empsex ;

float empbasic, emppf, emphra, empca,empda;


int  Emp_Fcode (int) ;

int  Valid_Date (int, int, int) ;

void Emp_Display (int) ;

Feasibility Analysis

The feasibility is necessary to determine whether the proposed system is feasible considering the technical, operational and economic factor.

Technical Feasibility :

Technical Feasibility is related with the required hardware and software’s availability in the market domain. For proper implementation of any system, it should be technical feasible.

Economic Feasibility :

Security is essential requirement for any system. Leakage in security can result to huge losses.  The  proposed  system  guarantees  security  by  means  of  authentication,  the  data integrity and thus it is economic feasible.

Operational Feasibility :

The system has a GUI interface, which interacts with the user hiding the internal complexity of the system. The proposed system is used and hence the system is feasible operationally.

Hardware & Software

In this proposed project the following are the proposed options run this project of “MOBILE CUSTOMER DATABASE”. I  proposed  to    develop  this  project  under  C  language  & computer must meet the following Hardware and Software requirements:

Hardware Requirements

At least 32 MB RAM Preferred

Hard disk of size 8 GB or Above


Monitor Mono VGA\Color SVGA (Preferred)


CD Drive

Floppy Drive

Software Requirements

Operating System : Dos 6.22 or win 98 preferred

MS-office 97 or Above

C Languate

Detailed Design

During detailed design, the internal logic of each of these modules specified in the system design is decided. During this phase further details of data structures and algorithmic design of each of the modules is specified. The logic of a module is specified in a high-level design description language, which is independent of the target language in which software will eventually be implemented.

The detailed design consists of data design, architectural design, interface design, component level design.


The data design transforms the information domain model created during analysis into the data structures, which will be required to implement the software. The data objects and the relationships defined in the entity relationship diagram and the detailed data content depicted in the data dictionary provides the basis for the data design activity.

System Security Measures

Any computer based system that manages sensitive information or causes actions that can improperly harm individuals is a target for improper of illegal penetration. Hackers who attempted to penetrate systems for sports.

Security testing attempts to verify that protection mechanism built in to a system will infect protect it from improper penetration the system’s security must, of course, be tested for invulnerability from frontal attack but must also be tested for invulnerability from flank to rear attack.

The tester may attempt to acquire passwords through external clerical means, may attack the system with custom software designed to breakdown any defenses that have been constructed; may overwhelm the system, thereby denying services to others; may cause system errors, hoping to penetrate through recovery; may browse through insecure data, hoping to find the key to system entry; and so on.

In our project, we too have taken some security measures in order to stop malicious or unauthorized access. We have used a form in our input design that asks for a username and a password name from each employee who wants to interact with system. In order to get access to the system, each employee has to provide a valid username and a password. This helps us a lot to protect the system from unauthorized access. Also some tasks such as creating new user’s password can be performed by the administrator of the company only. For doing all this, even the administrator has to reenter his username and password to prove his validity.

A client or front-end database application interacts with the database by requesting and receiving information from the “database server” it acts as an interface between the user and the database. Further, it also checks for validation against the data entered by user.

The database server or back end is used to manage the database tables optimally among multiple clients who concurrently request the server for the same data. It also enforces data integrity across all client applications and controls database access and other security requirements.

Proposed  System

  1. The need of computerized employees record system in any company in any company is prompted by the fact that employee record  is exhaustive, monotonous, laborious and time consuming process. Preparation of monthly employee record   involves repetitive calculations. The volume of which grows with the no. of employees and everything here and there. There are many other reports, posting in the financial ledger and numerous year end reports which constitute the major and most significant part of the employee record .
  2. The employee record   system has been developed to cater the requirement of the organization, adequate checks and controls have been provided to ensure the accuracy of the reports.

Provision to keep employee wise year to date figures for all earnings and deductions.

Year to date figures are stored separately for financial year and income tax year.


The packager has provision for arrears due to excess or short payments. The user needs to give only the arrears days and the month for which arrears are paid or deducted. PF and ESI are calculated on the arrears as applicable.


Elaborate checks ad controls are provided in the system. Extensive totals in each report check the accuracy for full employee record operation every month.


Separate pay sheets are printed for payments by cash and thorough bank. Bank statement is printed which can be sent to the bank for advising salary to be deposited in the employees account. Provision for cost center wise analysis of salary expenses. Complete  integration  with  financial  accounting  system  the  salary  voucher  is generated on the computer which provides for center wise and division wise postings.

Varity of statuary and operating reports are generated.

Advantages Of Proposed  System

To run this particular project and C compiler can be used., working of this project is very fast.  To determine the objective of the computerized system, the analyst must be aware of exactly the requirement of the understanding of the new system. He or she must have the complete knowledge of the new system and must prepare the detailed requirement, user data element, volume and response time etc., the analysis must be aware of the computer capabilities that can be utilized to develop the system which fulfills the requirement.

To proposed system should be developed in such a way that it remove all the problem of existing system’s the computer is capable of processing large amount of data at a very high speed & large degree of accuracy, the data can be placed in a small space for years together without any problem & can be obtained whenever required in a few seconds.

The project has been developed with VB programming. The presentation growth of object oriented program technology has made it chosen technique for software development. That’s why I found this language best for this project.

The proposed system is choice driven systems most of the processes are development by just simply pressing entering your respective choice. This system is very useful as it saves a  lot of time & manpower as we can enter any no. of employees records easily & can maintain it very efficiently.

Records can be generated quickly on the basis of code & entered information.

This system can work forever without losing efficiency since there are all the options like, to modify, to query to enter data. Data can be retrieved in a very easy manner & various transactions can be made with in a short span of time.

Limitations Of System

Data file would show you an error if the input data in  not as you have defined under data types. For example if we need to calculate the gross salary after all the mentioned deductions and allowances and if the gross salary in Float type then it would give you an incorrect result. In this project whenever you append a new record the previous records are


As the whole processing/computation of the employees salary in done through codes of the employees, and also as there are no checks on codes of employees therefore access to security in denied hereby and hence any one can perform operations as modify existing

records, delete any record etc. The project does not provide any graphical representation.

Further Scope

The further scope the project can be as follows :

The software can be superimposed with the website of the company, therefore all information about the flow of data can be made aware on company’s website.

A supplement solution for financial data can be easily added to the present project. Project can work on e-commerce based system.

In existing Employee information system work is done manually. This system involves a lot of bookwork. This system is useful for small organization but in large organization it is very difficult. A lot of manpower is involved in this system. In a company, very large no. of employee is working so if this system is done manually it will be very complicated.

With existing system, entries for different employee, their payment module etc.  Has to be performed in different registers. Therefore a lot of time is consumed to perform this work. Also manual work has accessible error in it. Data stored in registers cannot maintain for long period of time & a lot of time is to be consumed in searching a particular record. In existing

System, the chances of inaccuracy & duplicity will be more.


In this process is very fast because of the use of the computer checking, issue, receipts, and report preparation are some of the fields where advantages of the speed can be encaused. Large memory is one of the advantages of computer. In this system storing a large number of records encases this advantage. Accuracy of calculation is another advantage of the computer. In these system records of customers updating is performed accurately using computers. Since records in computers are stored on electronic media. Paper work is reduced with the use of computers.

We get all details about canteen with few key movements. It provides prompt details about the order placed and bill generate.

Security mechanism will be provided in our project. If anyone want to use our project, it is necessary to know the username and password.

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