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At many times it may be difficult for people to get taxis from their desired locations, especially at the night. And during night, people who are travelling alone, may face some security issues. Our project ‘Taxi Booking System’ is designed and developed for the sole purpose of providing the people with quick booking and easy access of the taxi from their current locations or desired locations. Taxi Booking System is an application solution for android and iPhone that helps the people to reach the destination by booking the taxi with just a push of a button.

It allows the people to book a taxi and call it to their current location or any other location as they desire. The user first needs to register before using the service. After the registration, the user can login using the username and password and start using the service. User can also pre-book the taxi, that is s/he can book the taxi and call it to a particular location at desired time. It can be very useful in the urban areas where there is access of Taxi service. Furthermore, the name and the contact number of the taxi drivers who are picking up the people will be sent to the concerned people (passengers) making the taxi ride safer to some extent.

With the growing use of smart phones having internet connectivity, people can book and access taxi easily and be notified about the confirmations of their request sent.

Problem Statement

For various purpose people need to travel on the daily basis. And there are various mediums used for travelling. But getting the transportation medium at peoples’ convenience is a difficult thing to achieve. That is the main problem is getting to the desired location at desired time. It is nearly impossible to get access to a vehicle that can drop people to their desired location. It is not sure that people will find a vehicle standby for them to pick up unless the vehicle is their private property. And people face difficulty finding the taxi for their transit. And the main problem is finding taxi during night time and there may be security issues at night times too.

We already have online shopping and delivery facility where people can stay at home and shop. The same idea can be implemented to book a taxi so that people can get to their desired location at their convenience. It helps to ease the day to day transit issue. We believe that through our app, people will be able to easily get a taxi for their transit.


The main objective of our project is to help people easily get access to taxi during regular transit or during emergencies.

  • Other objectives are:
  • To ease taxi access for transit.
  • To save time during transit.
  • To help taxi companies expand their business.

Scope and Limitations

Our project has a very good scope, as our country is developing and technologies making the everyday lives more comfortable. As mentioned above, the problem is access to taxi at desired time and location. The major scope of our project is in the urban areas rather than the rural areas. Urban areas are well equipped to provide the facilities that we want to provide. Our project suits in the area where there is availability of taxi services and no issues of internet access. Since almost every person now owns a smart phone and our project is an application, it has a very good scope. This application will help fill the gap between the passenger and the taxi company. It will also help the taxi companies to expand their business.

Our project can provide reservation and access to the taxi only in those areas where the taxi services and internet services are available. That is, it cannot provide the services in the remote areas.




System Requirements

Hardware Requirements

  • Platform: Android 5.0 or higher for android phone

iOS 9.0 or higher for iPhone

Software Requirements

  • Development Tools: Xamarin Cross Platform, Visual Studio 2017, Azure Mobile App Service
  • Programming Languages: C#
  • Database System: Azure SQL Database
  • Hosting Server: Microsoft Azure

User Requirements

  • Android Phone or iPhone
  • Internet connection on mobile.

Feasibility Study

‘Taxi Booking System’ is supposed to be developed for iPhone and android which may be either a plus point or minus point for people at the different levels. It provides a good platform for both the people(customers) who are seeking for quick and easy way to travel and the taxi companies seeking to expand their business services.

Technical Feasibility

The technical issues related with developing ‘Taxi Booking System’ were

  • Does the technology exist to implement the proposed system?
  • If the system can solve the problem of people seeking easy transit?

Operational Feasibility

The operational feasibility is a critical aspect to be considered while designing and developing a system. The application is supposed to solve the problem of difficulty in accessing vehicles. For this, the following factors are to be considered:

  • Are the current work practices and procedures adequate to support the purposed system?
  • How well the purposed system solves the problem?
  • To what extent the application fits in the existing problems?
  • Can the operating characteristics be engineered into design?

Economic Feasibility

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of a new system, one of the most important and frequently used method is economic analysis. The economic analysis helps in configuring the concrete benefits of the application in terms of budget and quantity. The project is economically feasible as it requires only mobile phone with iOS or android operating system

Some of the aspects to be considered for determining the economic feasibility are:

  • Are the operational and maintenance costs of the system manageable and affordable?
  • Can the economic expenses of the prevailing system be reduced later after development of the system?
  • Can the existing investment support the project development?
  • Can the target group of your system afford your system?

Behavioral Feasibility

The application is behaviorally feasible as it requires no technical guidance and also the application is user friendly.

Overview of System

Overview of System

Overview of System

The taxi company has a database containing the information of the users registered to their service. It also keeps record of all the booking requests made and uses that record to dispatch its services. The user first has to be registered to use the service. A registered user can book the taxi at the desired location at desired time by using the Mobile Phone App. The app has a feature to automatically get the current location if the user wants to get the taxi to his/her current location. S/he can also book taxi for future at certain location. The system first validates the user by checking its database. Once validated, the user can select the location of pick up and send the GPS Coordinates by press of a button. The user id and location is then received by the company and uses that information to dispatch the taxi.

Entity-Relationship Diagram

ER Diagram

ER Diagram

Context Diagram

Context Diagram

Context Diagram

Dataflow Diagram

Dataflow Diagram

Dataflow Diagram

Dataflow Diagram

Dataflow Diagram

Platform Used

System will be developed using:

  • Platform: Android, iOS
  • Development Tools: Xamarin Cross Platform, Visual Studio 2017, Azure Mobile App Service
  • Programming Languages: C#
  • Database System: Azure SQL Database
  • Hosting Server: Microsoft Azure


ios ui

ios ui

ios ui

ios ui

ios ui

ios ui


Testing is a process of executing a program or application with the intent of finding the software bugs. It can also be stated as the process of validating and verifying that a software program or application or product meets the business and technical requirements that guided its design and development.

Software Testing

It is the process of validating and verifying that a software application meets the technical requirements which are involved in design and development. It is used to uncovers defects or bug that exist in the system. Each program need to be tested in order to make sure it functions properly. Later programs must be tested in groups followed by testing the entire system. The first step in testing is to compile the program to detect any syntax errors. Software testing assures the quality of the software.

There are various types of testing viz unit testing, integration testing, system testing, manual testing, black box testing, white box testing, alpha testing, beta testing, etc.

Conclusion And Future Enhancement


The mobile phone application has been successfully developed to provide the people with easy and quick access to the taxi services. The system focuses on the creation of a taxi reservation service(system) for any taxi organization so that the taxi organization provide services to its customers in an effective and an efficient way. To conclude, we can say that this project will be very beneficiary to the peoples during their transit. Our project is developed to help people get to their destination easily and without wasting time.

Future Enhancement

To improve and enhance the developed system following could be done:

  • Comments and feedbacks from users to state their level of satisfaction.
  • User ranking and rating can be implemented.
  • SMS system can be added as a new feature.

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