Capstone Project

Traffic Violation Records Management System Capstone Project Document

Traffic Violation Records Management System Introduction Automation is one of the factors being considered by every organization this past few years to handle information in a more efficient manner. In the Traffic Authority Office for an instance, they are still using the traditional way of acquiring and recording information. In today’s generation, motorists tend to become non-compliant at traffic laws on the roads and become careless when it [...]

Locator Interface for Emergency (L.I.F.E.) Capstone Project Document

Locator Interface for Emergency (L.I.F.E.) Capstone Project Document Introduction In times of life or death situations and emergency problems, most people are unaware of what number to call to. But came August 1, the day the 911 was officially the national emergency hotline here in the Philippines. It was launched by the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the people or organization who are held responsible for receiving emergency [...]

School Management System

School Management System Introduction Can you imagine the schools without management structures? Your body without skeletons? Definitely we are living in this world with levels of patterns. It’s a process to achieve the management goals. School is one of the schools that applies management, to run the school systematically. To further recognize qualifications to leverage the talents and abilities of the students According to Paul Harmon (2001), Management [...]

Health Center Management System

Health Center Management System Introduction In the current time people can’t imagine their life without technology. The technology sector has changed and developed many products. A computer is an example of technology that helps people in many ways. People use computers to finish office works, for business and also for entertainment. Computers helps us makes manual process easier and efficient. Most of us already engage ourselves in the [...]

Online Events System

Online Events System Introduction Every events happened in our lives was such a memorable one. In which it remains in every hearts of ours. However, planning an event is not easy to take, it needs a substantial amount of time to think in order that it will be more organized and well prepared, even if there is no perfect event. Despite on how much money involve, time and [...]

Online Grading System

Online Grading System Introduction Technology was the one that control the business industries today; it could make human works easy and efficient. The different system was made for different purpose. Having a system to an organization was one way to have an innovation it is the start of having an efficient work for every employees and client. We as student conducted study on our school on how can [...]

Student Academic Evaluation and Advising System

Student Academic Evaluation and Advising System Introduction In this generation, everything evolve from manual to computerized system. To provide an efficient products, services, computation, analysis, etc., That may help students in their everyday routine. The proponents observed that the ABC Company  are evaluating the students manually. Evaluation is the process of interpreting a measurement or aggregate of measurements, by means of a specific subjective value or set of [...]

Content Management System for ABC Company TechnoPub

Content Management System for ABC Company TechnoPub Introduction Electronic magazines and newspapers in the World Wide Web have gained great popularity in the past two years. Nearly every major magazine and newspaper has a website, where either some selected or all of the articles can be read. Accessing such resources became a part of everyday life for the average people of this generation. According to Marinacomeaux (2016), online [...]


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